Wednesday, May 19, 2010

" I super tired mom."

We had a long, very full day on Monday. Trevin was too busy playing with friends to take a nap. When we finally got him into bed he was out like a rock within minutes. Then next morning 9 o'clock came around and Trevin was still sound asleep. (Not normal) So I went in and woke him up, then herded him to the bathroom and then down stairs to eat breakfast. The whole time I heard... YAWN, "I soo tired Mom." I thought it was so funny. On any other day I would have let him lay back down for a few minutes, but we had another full day planned. So we got ready and left the house even though we were tired!
I dropped the kids off at at Grandma's house and headed to the SLC Temple to see my good friend from High School get married. Elder Holland officiated the ceremony, it was amazing! And the weather at the Temple was perfect.. no rain, I was so excited that the weather decided to cooperate. The reception wasn't quite as lucky but, still gorgeous and the food was so yummy!Good luck to TYLER and JENNICA!
On my way home I stopped by Grandma's to pick up the kids, but surprise they were both still sleeping. Chey woke up pretty quickly, but after a half hour I decided to let her wake up Trevin. We went in and shook his shoulder (This is how Gage has taught Trevin to wake us up.) Trevin opened his eye and briefly acknowledged us, then closed his eye and rolled over. Then next thing we hear is snoring... Trevin was faking being asleep "ZZZZ, SSSSS, ZZZZ, SSSSS" Then his eyes flew open and he said "I awake! haha" What a silly and clever little boy. The rest of the day was pretty normal, until I laid him down in his bed for the night, he was basically already asleep. I covered him up and said good night and was on my way out the door, he looked at me and asked "You get a supise for me?" I was confused for just a second then I figured out what he wanted... Every night when Gage puts Trevin to bed, he gets him all tucked in and tells Trevin how good of a boy he is and how much his dad loves him, then he says "I have a surprise for you." and gives him a sippy. He makes Trevin take a sip and tell him what the drink is. I love the things little kids pick up on and how important the little things we do with them are!

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Curt, Kirsten and Kids said...

Ohhhh. He's so cute. You did have a day but that night was fun too. Thanks so much for everything you do to help me out. You're great!!! What a cute little boy too!!!