Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After one failed attempt to potty train Trevin, just before he was 2, I've considered starting again. Last night I asked him if he wanted to go potty on the toilet, and surprisingly he said yes. I was excited. We hurried into the bathroom, took off his pants, sat him on the toilet and he looked at me with an upset face and this is the conversation we had.
Trevin: "No mom, I potty like a big boy."
Me:"Yeah, your going potty like a big boy."
Trevin: "No I stand up like a big boy and go potty"
Me "Oh, okay I guess."
He wanted to stand up to go potty, and he did. I can only imagine the kind of messes I'm gunna have to clean up in the next couple of weeks, but as long as he is going in the toilet in stead of a diaper it might be worth it.

The last couple of days Trevin has cried really easily if he doesn't get to do what he wants, Temper Tantrums if you will, but not over things you would expect.
#1 Sunday night Trav asked for a hug and Trevin told him no, then we got in the car and Trevin is screaming at the top of his lungs, about half way home he has calmed down enough that we can actually hear what he is yelling "I HUG TRAV!" He calmed down after about 30 minutes.
#2 Yesterday Gage was home when we got home from shopping, but was headed to work. So when he left Trevin was upset and went to the back down to close it, Gage got in the jeep and left. Trevin freaks out when I tell him to close the door. He is screaming "I say See you later Dad." Apparently he he wanted to say See you later to dad, and didn't get to before Gage got in the jeep. So we started using time out. This seemed to work really well.
#3 We are sitting at the kitchen table to eat breakfast, so we start by saying a prayer Everything is going great. Trevin likes to add things to prayers, so we pause for a long time, and then he thinks of something, we add it and repeat. Usually when he can't think of anything else, we close the prayer and life is good. Not this morning. I tried to close the prayer after praying for breakfast, grandma's flower garden, papa, chief, sugar, Cheyenne, Dad and Dad's work." Trevin panicked. After he wouldn't calm down I asked if he wanted to say another prayer. He said yes. We started and I paused waiting for Trevin to decided what was so important that he forgot to pray for.... Alex!
I love this kid. Even if he is a handful!


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Yes YOU!

Alex said...

oh... tell trevin thank you so much for praying for me... I need all the prayers I can get. :) What a cutie!