Monday, March 29, 2010

A very Crabtree weekend Part 2: Birthday and Easter


We usually don't get to celebrate Kami's birthday while she is in town, but this year we got to. We combined all the March and April birthday's and had one big party! The guest of honor were Cheyenne, Papa, Kami and James.
Chan made this super cute cake out of cupcake. It is a farm with farm animals. Here is a close up of all the animals. Talk about being creative, these are adorable. I loved this and will definitely have to try it out.
What are the little chicks in the background, let me tell you. They are super delicious CAKE POPS! I had never heard of these, until Gerin made them for the party. I'll get the recipe and share it with you when I get it because these were not only extremely yummy and cute, but pretty clean for the kids to eat too!A picture of Cheyenne getting ready to help blow out candles so she can eat some of that pretty cake. Gage is always willing to stick it out when all the kids need some adult supervision. And this is one of those times. We had to make sure all the kids stayed in the kitchen with their cake pops, the Easter Eggs were being hidden. Waiting for the rest of the cousins to be rounded up. Cheyenne loves being the center of attention.Here is the whole crew! We love it when everyone can get together.



We wanted to do as much as we could while Kami and her family was here. So we had Easter a couple of weeks early. Trevin was so cute this year. He knew that the eggs had treats in them and knew to pick the eggs up and put them in his basket, he was really good and spotting the eggs too. He found them everywhere...

He loved it, he even went and hunted in the big kid area for a while. Then when he could find any more there it was back to the little kid section, for a few more eggs. Gage helped Cheyenne find some, until it was his turn to hunt eggs. She was content to sit with her three eggs and put them in the basket, then take them out and repeat!Lexi was so cute and decided to help Cheyenne, she gave her some soccer balls to add to her stash.Like I said, Gage helped Cheyenne until it was his turn to hunt eggs, the "big kid" area is just that big kids, including the adults. Every one under the age of 18 gets a three minute head start then... LOOK OUT! The picture on the right side is Gage taking out Gerin to get to the eggs first. After all the eggs are collected we get to see who got the best prizes. For some that means the money that was hidden for others it is the marshmallow bunnies! Trevin's favorite things were the soccer balls and Cheyenne didn't care as long as she got to play with the empty eggs!HAPPY EASTER!

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