Thursday, March 18, 2010


We love St. Patrick's Day. I had so much fun dressing everyone up in green. I even got to teach Trevin that if he saw someone not wearing green he got to pinch them. He didn't really get it, but thought it was funny to pinch them when I pointed it out.We spent the day trying to be sneaky as leprechauns while we decorated front doors with Shamrocks and Treats. I say trying because I think we got caught at almost every house. Trevin and Cheyenne aren't very sneaky. After we got home we went outback to play in the sunshine, I absolutely love being outside!Instead of having to head out to work Wednesday night I got to go to the Ogden LDS Temple with our Young Women. They did baptisms for the dead, it was pretty cool, we had 5 girls that had never done it before. After they were done I got to be the one to rush them out of the dressing room... I told them not to worry about it "You all look beautiful, and besides no one is gunna see you." Then when we all got outside, I had them all line up for a picture. I hope they forgive me! I think this will be one of my last trips to the Ogden Temple before they do the remodel. I wanted to be sure we had a picture with everyone and the whole temple. I can't wait to see the finished temple in a couple years.
I love being in the YW program. We always have so much fun!

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joni said...

Thanks again for bringing treats and visiting! Love the second picture of Cheyenne below, looks like she loves her dolly and accessories!