Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 years and counting!

Gage and I celebrated our THIRD anniversary this weekend, we had so much fun! We decided to take a little trip to LAVA HOT SPRINGS. The weather was perfect... cold with snow on the ground, but not snowing. The hot pools were so relaxing! We spent a few hours in the natural mineral water with the man made jets and I loved it. As I watched all the families there trying to keep track of their little kids, I missed mine, but loved the break more. (Trevin and Cheyenne got to have a sleep over at Grandma's house and both seemed pretty excited when I dropped them off!)
After the hot pools Gage and I decided to stop by the local market to pick up a few treats, one small problem, it closed at 9:00 pm (it was 10:30). So we decided that wasn't going to stop us and we jumped in the truck to make the 11 mile drive to the nearest gas station! Luckily there ended up being a Sinclair only a couple miles away... we loaded up on goodies and drinks and headed back to the hotel.
We had done quite a bit of internet searching before we decided where to stay. We went off every one's reviews and picked the hotel that everyone had raved over. We had to laugh when we walked through the door.

Definitely not the most modern... and definitely not very secure. They had the old school keys that wouldn't be very hard to pick (if you were a thief),they sure looked cool... but we kept any "valuables" in the truck. You actually locked yourself into the room with the key. We had to joke the first time we locked the door that we hoped there wasn't any kind of disaster because we wouldn't have been able to get out of the room! A little while after we got back to the hotel from the hot pots we decided to get ready for bed, all was going well then...

All was DARK! It was pretty funny. Gage and I couldn't stop laughing as we are rummaging through our bags trying to finish getting dressed. Then we were going to leave, but OOPS... we couldn't find the KEY! The lights did come back on, the key was found and put in a safe, easy to locate spot, and then the bugs came out. There were more than a couple of box elder bugs that joined us. "You know, they say you swallow bugs in your sleep. I think tonight your chances are high." Thanks Gage I'll sleep so much better now!When all is said and done, we had a very relaxing weekend with some fun memories! I love you Gage.. let's try somewhere else next year!

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