Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Time flies! I can't believe my baby girl is ONE! I decided a while back that I wanted to have a LADYBUG themed party, I think it turned out really cute.
I had so much fun making the invitations. Cheyenne was such a ham when I got out the camera to take her pictures. We had all kinds of lady bugs at the party. I guess that's what happens when you start planning a party 3 months in advance... Here is the kitchen, just before Cheyenne's guest started to arrive. Trevin loved helping put the streamers up, I think he just thought it was cool to stand on the table. The little lady bugs on the counter are magnets that we gave to all the cousins at the end of the party.
Next up the cake... I saw a cake like this one the internet a few months ago and it's what gave me the idea for a ladybug party... I think it turned out cute. Fondant is something I'm trying to learn how to do, but I can't get that perfectly smooth look that the professional do. I guess I'll keep trying and maybe settle on semi smooth. We made a ball of rice crispies for the head and then covered it with more fondant, the rice crispies stayed nice and moist!
When all Cheyenne's birthday guest arrived we opened presents. She got some really cool touch and feel cards and a book (she loves to sit and read books). She also got a lady bug doll, a bubble blower(YEAH!), here own wallet and cell phone, and clothes for this summer... lots of clothes... and her very own piggy bank. Talk about being spoiled! Cheyenne loved the attention and reactions she was getting from all her little cousins. She really liked playing with her new toys and the tissue paper, but the time had come for her to eat her very own cake! She wanted to grab the candle the whole time we sang and then when it came time to blow it out she just stared at it. I'll give her credit for trying to blow it out, the only problem is that her blowing is just making an "O" out of her mouth. No worries she had plenty of little kids there that were willing to help her out. She was a little shy about digging in, even after she had a taste. She would reach for it then, look up at Gage and pull back when she saw he was watching. Even with us telling her to eat it, she wasn't falling for that kind of trap. Nate decided he didn't want to wait to see a mess and picked up the cake to stick it in Cheyenne's face...She didn't like that at ALL! While we waited for her to calm down we served the ladybug cake with ice cream! It tasted really good even if it wasn't perfect on the outside, the taste is the important part. With out all the attention Cheyenne decided to dig in."Yummy... I think I can fit this whole handful in my mouth."Before too long she was a mess and was loving every bite. She even decided to start offering it to her guests. Some for Grandma and Papa and Chief... ...even Travis gets some!She started to slow down when about half of the cake was gone. And I decided that was enough cake for one day! But I couldn't resist a few more pictures of this precious face... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE! Thanks to everyone for the gifts and celebrating her day with us!

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David and Camillia said...

I cant believe she is a year already! WOW time does fly! She is so cute! I cant see you in her. Love the birthday cake to. :)