Thursday, March 18, 2010


Even though we had Chey's official party on Sunday we still had a mini party on her real birthday! Gage came home from work in the middle of the day so we could open presents. Chey was a pro at opening gifts, after having a little bit of practice on Sunday. She is such a little copy cat, I think she is trying to copy all of our "wow, PRESENTS!" looks in this picture. What a Cutie!Trevin loves being a big brother, especially when he gets to 'help' Cheyenne open presents. She wasn't too excited when we finally got it open, maybe it's because she has no idea what a doll is thanks to all the trucks and balls we have at our house...She did warm up to her new doll once it was out of the box, with some coaxing from Mom and Dad. This little cabbage patch doll was actually a gift that my mom gave to me years ago, to give to my little girl when I had one. I was so excited to be able to give it to Cheyenne for her birthday! All of the accessories I found during a Christmas sale and have been storing, I couldn't wait for Cheyenne to play with them. She figured it out real quick. Surprisingly Trevin was the one to show her how to put the baby to bed, and then how to "shush" people while the baby is sleeping. (I think Trevin might get that too much once Cheyenne goes to bed.)Of all the new "girly" toys I think the stroller and purse were the biggest hit... my little mommy diva!
Now that Cheyenne is ONE she thinks she is a pretty big girl. Her new favorite activity is to sit on the stairs, usually at the very top, which makes me a little bit nervous. I guess this is just the start of her claiming independence. Hopefully she will master coming DOWN the stairs soon and then I won't have to worry as much.
After our little party Dad had to go to work and the rest of us went to meet up with friends at the park! Libby was born just 3 days after Cheyenne. We love getting together to play and with the nice weather I hope it happens more, they are gunna be great friends. Bella helped us keep an eye on the two of them, she is so cute! (I love all her piggy tails, she is just a week or so younger than Trevin.) Cheyenne loves to walk back and forth by the railings. She is always so excited to be outside, I think we will be at the park a lot this spring and summer.
Trevin loves to climb anything and everything. It didn't take him long to find this ladder at the park. I think it's safe to say he isn't afraid of heights. Trevin was even willing to stop for a couple of minutes to take some pictures with Cheyenne. I can't wait to see how much Cheyenne grows and learns in the next year! We love her so much!

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Evan and Kristina said...

Cheyenne has the cutest smile! You have some very cute kids!