Monday, March 8, 2010


By the time Trevin was 10 months old he was out of his crib... thanks to the fact that he refused to sleep in it. He slept on the crib mattress on the floor in his room and we would close the bathroom and office door and put a gate at the top of the stairs every night. Cheyenne on the other hand is almost one and I can't see taking her out of the crib anytime soon. SHE LOVES HER CRIB! Lately, when I lay her down for a nap she drinks her bottle and then I hear her play for a while. Usually with the two stuffed animals that are in her crib and once I don't hear her jabbering anymore I'll go into her room and move the stuffed animals and cover her up. I guess the stuffed animal weren't entertaining any more... she figured out that if she stands up she can reach the changing table. She loves to empty out all of the diapers. So in an attempt to discourage her from pulling apart the diaper basket I did a little rearranging... which totally back fired. This is what I found when I went in to see if my plan had worked!Obviously, this new plan was a problem because if I had to chose I would pick diapers over garbage bags in the crib! I'm not sure how she got them, I thought I had put them out of reach. When I picked her up to move them, there was a whole wad under her! I hope she had fun because this was the first and last time.

I had to be at work for a class on Friday morning. When I came home I found the boys and Cheyenne building a snowman in the front yard. Trevin wanted a carrot for it's face but I told him we didn't have any. Later that day while him and Raigen were playing they found a play carrot and he remembered that our snowman was missing a face.
He was so excited to get to go outside and put a face on our snowman.
Obviously it didn't keep snowing, so I had patted some snow onto the snowman's neck to keep his head from falling off. This is Trevin doing the same! What a copy cat!

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