Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A night out with the family

Friday Trevin, Cheyenne and I decided to surprise Dad when he got home... We planned a night out! We were so excited especially Trevin. I asked him that morning if he wanted to go to a rodeo to see some cowboys and horses. He got so excited and wanted to wear Dad's cowboy boots and Cowboy hat for the rest of the day!
Gage got home a little later than I was expecting so the original dinner plan was out, but I didn't mind plan B... Taco Bell! Gage was a sport and even endured me taking some pictures.Now aren't they a good looking bunch!Trevin loved his fiesta potatoes smothered with cheese and sour cream. He ate the entire thing and then started asking Cheyenne for hers! Next stop was the "Roeo" (as Trevin calls it) to see some cowboys. The first event we saw was the broncs. This actually scared Cheyenne for the first little bit. They would come bucking right in front of us and she would get really tense, but after a few minutes I think she realized they weren't going to get her and then she really enjoyed it.We had a great time. We were out way past Trevin and Cheyenne's bedtime, but it didn't seem to phase them at all. The both were so happy the whole time. Trevin sat and watched as the cowboys wrestled with cows and rode sheep and rode horses "super" fast. Cheyenne would point at all the horses while she bounced on your lap. I loved to see their reactions. Of all the events that I saw that night the CHICKEN CHASE was my favorite. I should have let Trevin go but didn't think about it til too late. It was hilarious to watch all the kids try to catch the chicken. There was one chicken right in front of us that was running through legs and then one tough little boy did a superman dive right in front of us and caught the chicken by it's leg... only to have another little girl pick up the chicken he stopped and walk off with it! Next time Trevin will be out there! I hope now that it is getting warmer we will be able to get out of the house more. Going out as a family always makes great memories!

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