Tuesday, February 2, 2010


With all the sickness we have been harboring at our house Gage and I decided it would be best to keep the kids home for a few days. Which was just fine when they were both acting sick...but once you hit the stage where they are feeling better, but probably still contagious, it is a pain. The first couple of days were fine, the kids actually acted sick so I spent the days cuddling/comforting them, I loved it. Then they started feeling better(which I also loved). But with the tail end of the sickness hanging around we couldn't really take them out in public in case they were still contagious. So we had to get creative... how to do you keep two very active little kids entertained inside for days at a time? We danced, played games, watched movies, did puzzles, played with toys (a lot). It was really cute to see some of the things Trevin decided to do....We were doing laundry (Trevin loves to empty the drier for me!) A few minutes later he brought one of the laundry baskets into the family room, so I asked if he wanted a ride. He told me "No, Cheyenne ride." Oh... so I put Chey in the basket and Trevin pushed her around the room. They both loved it, and played this game on and off all day!
We have gone a few walks, which the kids have absolutely loved and Mom too! It really didn't matter to them that it was freezing outside, they both love the stroller.
Bubble baths have been another favorite at the Crabtree house this week, every time either one of them gets really messy at meal time Trevin will suggest "a baff." I agree and he immediately adds on "bubbles."
Cheyenne has loved reading books, she is so content to sit with a book and work on learning to turn the pages.

Trevin's latest thing is to yell "Help Me" if he wants to get down from the table or off the toilet, if he has pretended to fall down, etc. So this morning I heard him yelling 'help me' and came upstairs to find him like this. He had found my bag of yarn and "tie up Trevin." When I walked into the room he told me "Help me. I stuck. " Doesn't he look so serious in this picture! He was very thankful to be freed.

Just a couple of the joys of being a Mom!

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sierra said...

oh man..i love your kids..i think this might be your best post yet!