Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last Sunday when the family got together, we ended up having a Limbo competition. I have no idea how this started, but it was pretty fun/funny!We had a girls competition and a boys completion. Then a show down between the two champs.
First up the girls...Me. I won for the girls. All luck... I can guarantee it!Sierra showing off her skills... even in skinny jeans!Janae on her last turn up fell due to a sore hip. She definitely would have won if not for the faulty hip!
Next come the boys...Gage I think he did really great! But not the winner. Nate. The male champ. I was shocked, he can seriously limbo. He even gave me and Janae a run for our money!Chief wanted in on the action... then he cheated! We still love him. Trav working hard to beat Nate. Not gunna happen tonight though.
Trevin had been watching the game all night and decided it was his turn. Look at that form!
Trav decided he had a better chance of jumping over the bar then going under and so the boys competition changed. Nate was quickly eliminated in this contest. He broke the bar (notice the blue tap). Mike, jumping the bar at 41 inches high and clearing it easily.
Trav clearing the bar a little lower than Mike's. Mike won this completion with his 41 inch jump!
THE KICKER OF THE NIGHT! The pregnant Lady LIMBO! Joni takes the prize home for being a great sport and participating in the activites... only 4 days from delivery!

HIP HIP HURRAY for JONI! Be impressed... I was!

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Juanita said...

O my- you guys always end up having so much fun together! :) Love the pictures! Good job to all who participated - and even Joni! :)