Friday, January 29, 2010

Bubbles' Miracle, Tickle Bugs & Hallie's Cake

Last night Gage went on visits with the Elder's Quorum Presidency and then played basketball at the church. When he got home both kids were sleeping, and so we got ready for bed. Gage got in bed, then decided he was still hungry. So he headed downstairs to the kitchen. I had just fallen asleep when I hear Gage thundering up the stairs yelling. "McKenna come quick! You've got to see this. He's still ALIVE!" So I jump out of bed with Gage pulling my arm and dragging me downstairs, Demanding "Who's alive?" Gage quickly tells me, "the fish!" I was ticked... let me rewind and tell you why this was my first reaction... About a month ago due to my ill care for the fish bowl, Nemo passed away. The next time I cleaned Bubbles' bowl Gage made a big joke about Bubbles surviving for another fish bowl cleaning. So yes, while Gage was gone on visits for church I had once again cleaned the fish bowl. (I do it religiously every Tuesday, but Cheyenne was in the hospital this past Tuesday. So it waited until Thursday.).... Now can you see why I was upset! I thought Gage dragged me out off bed to rub it in once again that I had killed our other fish!
I stopped where I was on the stairs and said, "Ha ha, yes, I cleaned the fishbowl today." But Gage insisted I come look. He said "No. Look where he is!" So I looked in the fish bowl and... NO BUBBLES! Gage then pointed him out to me on the stove. He really was still alive, but barely!. Gage threw him back in the water and he went belly up. Gage is such a good Dad. He was determined to save Trevin's fish. He pushed this fish around in the water (with chop sticks) until miraculously he revived! He kind of swims crooked now, and has spastic swimming episodes if you tap the bowl, but he's alive! We decided that he must of actually jumped out of the bowl and flopped his way over to the stove. Gage took out some of the water, just to be safe.
You can kind of see in this picture that Bubbles is tilted to the left. But more important, you can see the parts of his fins that dried out and broke off during his near death experience. He had really long flowy tail fins before.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that Bubbles lives a long life. But for now, we are just thrilled that Dad was hungry before bed, and thankful that he was a HERO and saved Bubbles.


A couple of Mondays ago, Trevin was standing in his bedroom with his hands in his pockets. When I asked him what he was doing, he pulled his hands out of his pockets, with his hands in little fists he looked at me and whispered, "Look Mom." So I knelled down and asked what he had. He said, "Look," and pushed his fists out toward me a little. He had the most serious facial expression. So I came closer, and looked really hard at his hands and I asked, "What is it?" He whispered something back, but I couldn't tell what he said, so I told him to show me. At this point I was only inches away from him. He broke out into a big smile and started tickling me yelling "Ticktle Bugs!" I laughed so hard. I have no idea who taught him this, but he loves to do it. He does it to everyone... and gets so excited if someone asks to see his tickle bugs. I finally caught it with the camera, this look that tells the unsuspecting victim he is up to something, when he pulls the tickle bugs out of his pockets!


Hallie is the only one in the family with a birthday in January so she got to decide what kind of cake we had. She told me "A horsey cake." So here it is Hallie's horsey cake!

She totally loved it, I was so excited. I ran out of frosting before it was completely frosted but it still tasted good. I think all my niece's are catching on that I like to make cakes. I already have requests from Brinlee and Raigen for their next birthday cakes... Their birthdays are in October and December! I have a ton to learn, but it's fun to do, especially for family. Where no one really cares if it turns out looking awful, no pressure, just the way I like it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALLIE!

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Mandy Sue said...

your little boy is super cute!! Derrick won't let me get a fish because he is scared that I will kill it...he said I have to keep all of my plants alive first for a year ha. I just think he doesn't want a fish. I will have to try your recipe good tip.