Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A not so suprise shower & Nate's B-Day party

We have been planning a surprise BOY baby shower for Joni for a couple of weeks. So when her aunt decided to throw her a little get together we all came up with excuses of why we wouldn't be able to attend. To our surprise her aunt gracefully planned a new time for the shower so that the "Canovas" would be able to come. After a lot of debate we finally decided to just tell Joni that we were already doing a family shower for her... OH well, we still had a lot of fun. The baby shower cake (AKA: Nate's birthday cake).
Nate, Joni (McCord), and Kennedi posing next to the cake. What a good looking family. Nate and Joni came over to our house at about 6:00pm, really putting the pressure on me to get the cake done. But it was fun to get pictures of them before the house was full! The party started at 8:00pm. We wanted to make sure the boys got to get the full experience. We planned games and Cass made a pretty funny slide show of the do's and don'ts of parenting. Playing the candy bar game. Lindsay won, but it was funny to hear what other people came up with. Nate blowing out candles... with the help of a couple of nieces and a nephew. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE! We can't wait to meet your little man on the 11th!

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