Monday, February 8, 2010


I was so excited for the snow season this year. Last year I was pregnant with Cheyenne and not allowed to do a lot, like snowmobiling! Gage promised to take me this year and has definitely kept his word. We went snowmobiling for the first time a couple weeks ago and I forgot my camera. We had a blast even with the minimal snow. I couldn't wait to go again.I got my chance this past Saturday. Thanks to Sugar and Chersti for agreeing to very last minute baby sitting!
We left early on Saturday morning and headed up to Monte Cristo. We took one of Gage's friends and Cassidy (my little sister). She had never snowmobiling, 4 wheeling or anything so I was pretty excited to see what she thought. She rode with me for the first little while. I think she was pretty nervous at first but got used to the machine pretty quick. She rode with Gage too, when we had to go up the big hills, etc. I think she was more comfortable with his driving... After a couple hours we stopped for the traditional snowmobiling lunch- Granola bars and water! YUM! Then it was time for Gage to give Cass her first snowmobiling lesson. A couple times around the field with Gage riding passenger and then we set her loose!After her first run solo I think she felt pretty good about her skills and didn't hesitate when she got a chance to take the machine out by herself again. She looked like she was having a lot of fun. Which totally made the trip worth it for me. A couple pictures of Cass showing off her skills!Next up is Justin, Gage's friend. I haven't seen Justin for a while so it was a lot of fun to hang out again. I'm not the best photographer. I kept missing the shot, but here you can almost see the whole machine. Gage is such a sport to put up with digging my machine out when I get it stuck in the powder. I tried to give him a break this time and stuck to the trails for the most part this time. Here is my guy, Gage, getting to play. I usually don't end up with pictures of myself, because I'm behind the camera, but here's the proof I was there. I actually "got air" the last time we went snowmobiling. Totally accidental, but it is still my claim to fame this season. No such luck this time. I did do a couple of hill climbs again this time. LITTLE MONTE on of my favorite hills, I was terrified to do this the first time, but it was a lot of fun. Me and Gage raced last time and I never beat him up the hill, but I'm gunna blame the machine! Here are Gage and Justin racing up Little Monte. After a couple of runs up they stopped for a minute at the bottom... Just long enough to realize that one of the machines sounded funny/ wasn't revving high enough. I think this is how most of the outings end...Fixing something. Gage and Justin worked at it for a while. They tried a few different things and couldn't figure out why it was such a immediate switch. After about 20 minutes Justin realized the kill switch or emergency stop? cord wasn't in all the way! I thought it was pretty funny. I think Gage was just excited to not have to tow it in and then have to work on it when we got home. :)

Thanks Gage for setting up our fun outing. I LOVE YOU!

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