Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The very first time I ate dinner at Gage's house (while we were dating) his family had "Crabtree Soup". I don't think his mom was too thrilled about having me at that meal, she kept saying "You don't have to eat it." She made me a grilled cheese sandwich, but I decided to try some soup anyway. It was disgusting! Home canned tomato juice, macaroni noodles, cheese and a little pepper. I finished what I served out, but definitely didn't go back for seconds.
Since we've been married Gage's oldest sister has been kind enough to can tomato juice for Gage and give it to him for his birthday, that way he can have Crabtree Soup all year long. This past year the 24 pints he got didn't stretch as far as we hoped, Gage had them rationed out and Trevin didn't fit into his plan. Trevin decided he likes Crabtree Soup, but Gage decided he wasn't going to share! So this year I asked Gage's sister to teach me how to can the juice so that We had plenty for both of my boys.

So we went over to Grandma's house. She watched the kids while we got to work canning. Wash the tomatoes, a throw them through the juicer. Trevin thought it was a lot of fun to sit on the counter and watch. I guess I must have been distracted by him 'cause I overflowed the catch bowl, not just a little- A LOT! It took most of the day to can them but it was all worth it when Gage came home... He was so excited!That night we had Crabtree soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I even ate it... and you know what it wasn't as bad as I remembered! Trevin was excited to get some juice and not just noodles. Gage had two huge servings and was in a great mood all night!In all we canned 17 quarts and 18 pints, for a total of 26 quarts. That's more than double what Gage got last year so hopefully it will last and Gage will be willing to share!

Thanks to the Crabtree's for all the help!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Tonight Gage had a softball game and we (Me, Trevin, and Cheyenne) were all really excited to go watch and let me tell you Daddy didn't disappoint. We got there a little early so Gage could warm up since he hasn't played for a few years. Gage even got his lucky number 7. Then the game got started... Gage did good batting and was just getting into the swing in things in the field. Then the end of the third inning came around, players on 2nd and 1st. Batter hit to the outfield, Gage was playing 3rd base, waiting and ready to catch the ball when the outfielder started to throw to 1st, Gage looked to 1st to realize the ball didn't go that way, then looked back to see where his team mate had thrown it...just in time to catch the ball with his face! OUCH! He of coarse started gushing blood and was still sure he could stay in the game. We convinced him to take a break and when I saw it I immediately knew he needed stitches, convincing him was the hard part. Not really all it took was a look in the mirror and decide I was right. So we packed up the kids and headed to InstaCare. Of Coarse I didn't have my camera with me, but here is a picture from my phone... As Gage's lip continued to swell the two small splits on the right side got bigger and ended up being about the same size as the main split. An hour and fifteen minutes after this picture we finally got to see the doctor. A half hour and 7 STITCHES later (YEP, Gage is positive it's still his lucky number) we were out the door. Doesn't look too bad now. The jersey on the other hand- I guess this is Gage's way of making sure he gets to play next time and get his lucky number... Personalize it with your blood! Hopefully we'll make it through all 7 innings next week... I think that would be lucky!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


A couple years ago for Christmas my parents got us a fire pit, we were so excited and couldn't wait to get into a house so we could start using it. Now that we are in our house and have most of the backyard finished we decided it was time to make our fire pit a home!

First we compacted the dirt, I say "we" but really Gage did most of the work while I watched the kids. Next we put down a layer of rocks.Then the truck load of sand went down, Trevin thought that was pretty cool!

It was finally time to start putting the pavers down. If you haven't used pavers before...they are heavy. We had to move them from the truck to the cement and then the cement to their final spots. And that was more than enough lifting for me. Trevin always loves to help!

Gage working on the last row! Yeah... I carried the pavers to Gage so he didn't have to get up and down, after all he was doing all the other work! All that was left was filing in the cracks with sand so they can't shift. Oh, cementing around the edges (that will come later).

But we love it and got to have family and friends over to enjoy it with us.

The Hamblin Gang come over and Casie and Bree. Trevin loved roasting marshmallows, even though he didn't like to eat them. Brinlee and Rai Rai loved when Gage put a bunch of paper in the fire to make it really big. We love it and hope we can start using it more!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Family Getaway

A few weekends back we decided to get away from the cares of the world and spend a weekend at Bear Lake. It was a beautiful day Friday while we packed and waited for Gage to get off work. Our goal was to be out of the house by 5:00, a 5:10 we were pulling out of the drive way and on our way to Walmart to pick up snacks. I was amazed and thinking DANG, we're getting good. We might actually make it in time to eat dinner while it's still light! Then Gage pulled up to the front of the store to drop me off. I stepped out of the car to hear the noise... I sounded like my car was about to fall apart! So after a quick run to the store we went up to Gage's parents house to get a second opinion. The diagnosis... try putting in more oil to see if it helps. So we drove up to Checker Auto and added a couple quarts(we were low). Then drive back to the Crabtrees to reevaluate. We got back and there was an awful burning smell coming from my car, we popped the hood to find that the oil cap wasn't on at all and there was oil everywhere! That was the final straw-ISUZU should be a cuss word! Gage's dad was kind enough to give us his truck for the weekend, which was actually pretty fun (I think Gage wants a truck now). After unloading everything from my car into the truck, we were set and finally on our way a lot later than planned, 6: 50. So much for dinner, but the alternative was great, we ate at A&W in Logan. The kids did great on the ride up and even behaved while we unloaded the truck!
Saturday morning we woke up to rain, so we decided there was no reason to rush and we spent the morning hanging out in the trailer...
Breakfast, cold cereal and hot chocolate! Trevin loved watching Gage change the table to a bed and back to a table!
Next it was time to make the beds, a fun task with a toddler climbing on the bed! But he really was trying to help. And he is too cute to not let him. Cheyenne of coarse is always content to just lounge by herself. Especially if you give her a toy. Here she is just chillin'. Trevin just started to like coloring so I picked up a couple of coloring books and crayons for this trip. He loved to sit and color. We finally made it out of the trailer around 11:30 am. Trevin thought it was fun to run around in the wet grass, even though it was pretty cold. It didn't look like the sun was going to make an appearance any time soon, so plan B. We decided to head up to Minnitonka Cave. The only problem... so did everyone else.
Plan C, Bloomington Lake! The drive up the Canyon was really pretty and to make things better both of our kids were asleep! We got there and it was freezing.
We had a quick lunch, PB&J's in the back of the truck, and made Trevin a sandwich to eat once we hiked into the lake. (notice I'm wearing capris... I forgot to pack my jeans!)Trevin did so good on the hike. He walked with Gage almost the entire way, making sure to point out every rock he saw. He would stop and say " Rock" then count them "one, two, one, two" that's as far as he counts! When we finished the short hike we made our way over to the rope swing to watch the few people that were crazy enough to consider jumping into a cold lake while it was so cold outside.
It really is a beautiful lake and the water is so clear! People rope swing and cliff dive (on the far side of the lake). Trevin thought since I was squatting down he should too. Trevin started eating his sandwich but got distracted by a chipmunk. So Gage said " Trevin it looks like he wants your sandwich, you better hurry and eat it!" The result wasn't what he was expecting... Trevin took one big bite then threw his sandwich to the chipmunk! It was funny! Gage saved the sandwich and brushed off the dirt so Trevin could finish his lunch. Oh the things little kids do. We were just getting ready to head back to the truck when Gage finally gave in and decided, he was just as crazy as everyone else and he wanted to jump in. So he stripped down to his jeans and in he went... TWICE!
Don't get me wrong, it looked like a lot of fun, until you hit the freezing water and there was no sun to warm you up after you got out.
He said it really wasn't that cold, but he looks pretty cold to me!
Later that afternoon we had reservations at Pickleville Playhouse to see "The Hanging of El Bandito" It was hilarious and Cheyenne let me sit through most of it, which is amazing. It wasn't like any other play I've seen, there were a lot of good one-liners and lots of fun music. So if you get a chance to go, I recommend it!
Once the show was over we headed back to the trailer. Me and the kids made dinner while Gage mowed the lawn. After dinner we played a little then off to bed.
Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day... we got ourselves moving early and made it to 9:00 church. Trevin went to nursery without complaint and Cheyenne slept. My kids are so goo on vacation!
We ate lunch and packed everything up...Then we finally got to play outside for a while! Gage and Trevin rough housed, while Cheyenne and I enjoyed lounging in the sun.

I love the Lake, it is so pretty and relaxing! we had a great time, even if we did get off to a rough start.


We planted our garden this year and took care of it the best we could, then we just kept our fingers crossed. Turns out we did something right and we are getting a ton of veggies. We have enough spaghetti squash to feed the neighborhood, even though one of our plants turned into what we are calling "squashkins." A cross between pumpkins and spaghetti squash, unfortunately not all that edible. This is our haul from picking our Garden after we hadn't picked it for a couple of days! We still have lots to learn, like how to keep the pumpkins from turning orange so soon! (this one was picked by accident.
I can't wait for the next couple weeks... hopefully the tomatoes will turn red, my hottest peppers will produce and our WATERMELON will be ready to eat! We got lucky and our watermelon are getting pretty big, we cut into one this week and unfortunately in still needed a few days on the vine, I can't wait until the next one!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Biker and Nuny came up this week and I finally got my four generation picture that I have been wainting!


CHEYENNE is growing up so fast, it is amazing how much faster the second child grows. Maybe it's because you know what to expect or maybe the older child just keeps you so darn busy... We started Rice Cereal and she is loving it.She caught on to eating off a spoon really quick and she is even sleeping a little better I think!


Stake Lagoon day was last week and my Mom and Dad are awesome and invited all of us to join them. Gage wasn't able to come with us, so my dad (chief) took over and helped with the kids so I could go on some of the rides that Trevin wasn't big enough to go on. He pushed the stroller for me all night, what a good guy! Me and 3 of my 4 four sisters. do you see any resemblance?We had a lot of fun on the music express. Me and Cass convinced Janae that she should be the one to get squished! She said fine as long as she got to pick the car number (6)... I think we still got the better end of the deal. Next ride was the Carousel. We met up with Lindsay and Kyle and their four girls just before we got in line. It ended up that there was one adult for every child. Here we all our with a kid, waiting for our turn.
Brinlee and Raigen and Kyle, having fun riding the chicken!
Trevin wasn't so sure about it until the ride stopped then he wanted to go again, so we did!
Sugar and Cheyenne while me and Trevin rode the carousel a couple of times!
After a couple of rides we decided to watch the ROCK TO THE TOP show. Trevin was even interested in that, which really surprised me. Then it was off to the Tilt a whirl- I didn't think Trevin would be able to go but he could. We got spinning so fast and he just laughed and laughed. He absolutely loved it! ( Raigen was done after her first ride, she didn't like it much)
We went on that one a few times too, until the ride closed and it was time to go home. Lets just say that Trevin slept really well that night!

The Marriott

A couple of weeks ago my Mom's friend came down to Salt Lake for a business conference and stayed in the Marriott Down Town. Since she wasn't going to get in until after mid night she let us check in for her and hang out in the room and pool. It was a lot of fun especially since Trevin decided he likes the water again.

Trevin and Rai Rai hanging out in their floaties. Brinlee learned how to swim with a life jacket on and she had so much fun pulling Trevin around in the floaty (I wish I had gotten a picture!).

Cheyenne loved the water. She just kicked back in her floaty and enjoyed the sun.

Trevin was so interested in the cranes that kept passing over the pool from all the construction going on down town but I finally got a picture that he was almost looking at the camera!
Janae and Cass finally decided to get out and dry off on the beach chairs and all the kids decided they needed to too. I thought it was pretty funny!Back in the room watching Disney channel and eating snacks.
I think all of us enjoyed getting out of the house for the day! THANKS PATTY!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BONK! and some more summer fun!

We've learned a lot of lessons this summer... Trevin is definitely a toddler and has the scraps and bruises to prove it, one night Gage and Trevin were outside playing and we quickly figured out that mosquitoes love Trevin....Look close right in the middle of his forehead he's got a nice big bite! We've been really good at putting on bug spray since that happened! This next pic is the same weekend, just when the bite was almost not noticeable. Trevin feel off a chair in sacrament meeting and landed on the chair in front of him.BONK! The picture doesn't do it justice... He had the BIGGEST goose egg! That bruise is still there and it's been a couple of weeks, now we try to make it to church early enough to get the soft seats.
The water park/ splash park has been fun this summer. Trevin hated it at first but is getting better the more we go. Raigen tried really hard to get Trevin to come play with her but Trevin had his own plans.SPARKLERS! Trevin loves them! Every time one went out he would say "More More" and run over and pick up the lighter. I tell you kids are so smart. It was fun to watch him get excited when it finally started sparkling. (I'm not sure if you just can't see the sparkle because of the flash, or maybe it had just ended?)Parades... We were at Bear Lake on the 4th so the only parade we went to this year was Clinton City's. It was fun there are always a lot of fire trucks and you usually get to see at least one person you know in the parade. Trevin was big enough to go out and catch candy this year. It didn't turn out exactly like I'd expected. You see earlier this year we taught Trevin how to stomp on the "snappers" to make them pop. So when the candy was thrown Gage would tell Trevin to go get it and Trevin would run over and stomp on it!Movies in the park. This is one of my favorite things that we've done this summer. We watched "Madagascar" at the Clinton City Park for heritage days. Then we went to see "The Tale of Despero" at the Ogden Ampitheater, free movie every Monday. We had so much fun and Trevin thought it was great to watch a movie outside. We also made a trip to the Drive-In. Chief let us borrow his truck and we put a blow up mattress in the back. I thought Trevin would fall asleep by the end of the first movie, but he proved me wrong by staying up for the entire 2nd movie (1:00 am). I was making a DI run one morning so I stopped by Lindsay's house to see if she needed anything taken. She didn't but we decided to take Brinlee with us for the day. We went in to look at their backyard toys and I told Brinlee she could pick out a few books. When we got inside Brinlee picked out her books then it was off to the toys. I noticed the Bikes were all 50% off and I saw this Disney Princesses bike. So I told Brinlee she could pick her books or a bike. She was pretty excited. We brought it back to my house and pumped up the tires and put some white nail polish on to cover up a couple small scratches. Brinlee was very careful to keep it a secret every time she talked to her mom on the phone. I'm not sure what Lindsay thought about Brinlee bringing home a bike but we sure had fun!