Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tractor Rides

This afternoon we stopped by the shop to say "Hi" to Dad and I needed to learn how to do a couple of things on the computer. Trevin and Cheyenne love going to the shop, they not only get to see dad, but they get to see Bubba, and Grandma(sometimes), and PAPA! Trevin was especially excited to see Papa today. Trevin said Hi to Papa and then Papa asked Trevin if his dad had taken him to ride on the tractor. The answer was no. So Papa told Trevin "Go ask your Dad if you can drive the tractor." That is all the help Trevin needed. He hunted down Dad and said "We go drive a tractor?!" Trevin didn't stop asking about it all day! Dad brought home the tractor keys that night and we had a family outing to the farm. Trevin was pretty excited. They climbed in the tractor and drove around the field.Then they moved some dirt around with the big scoop.
Trevin was so excited.
Next they drove around some more and then I think Trevin's favorite part... they dug a huge hole with the backhoe!
Trevin loves tractors and his favorite is a backhoe. This must have been a dream come true for this little boy! His face lit up when they were getting ready to dig and then he got this look of concentration while he was helping dad with the controls.
Cheyenne had fallen asleep in the car, but she was pretty excited when I woke her up and she saw the tractor. We had lots of fun watching!

After a few minutes Gage asked Cheyenne if she wanted a turn and, oh boy, she did. She had been fine to watch, but as soon as Gage made mention of her driving the tractor she couldn't hold still.
We even loaded the whole family in for a couple of minutes. We had so much fun and we were so glad that Papa suggested it!

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