Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The A Team

All summer Gage has been the sub for a softball team. We have loved getting to go and watch the games! We knew lots of people on the team which made it even more fun to watch... Uncle Trav, Uncle Mike and Justin all were regulars and then Gage played most of the time too.We had lots of fun, Trevin loves baseball and we play in the back yard all the time. He is getting so good at hitting the ball. I love how observant little kids are, we went to one game and the next day I found Trevin with Gage's metal bat out in the garage. He tapped the bat on the cement, then held up the bat and shook his behind, then he would swing the bat and trow it across the garage and run in a circle! I was shocked, could he really learn all that from one game! We got some old bucket lids and taught Trevin how to run the bases and how to pitch and tag people out. By the end of the season Trevin was a pro. His baseball gear became very important by the end of the season too. We found some baseball cleats at Savers, Trevin knew exactly what they were when I picked them up. He said "Running shoes like dad's for Trevin!" He wears those "running shoes" everywhere. Right now there is no other option for shoes in his mind. Next up he pulled out his ball and bat and mitt they go to every game, and anywhere else he can sneak them in. Last his basket ball shorts, black socks and "team shirt." Trevin is very quick, he figured out that dad wore these things to the games and he wanted to too!
A lot can change in a few short months! Even the team changed. Two weeks before the end of the season, Wazzy (aka Trav) moved away to med school. We would miss watching him, so the first game we went to after he left, we decided to represent. Trevin and Cheyenne were really excited to get their faces painted, and we painted Brinlee's too. Sierra was the artist that made Trevin shirt into an awesome team shirt with Trav's name and number on the back.
We have had so much fun cheering on the team, but our favorite person to cheer for was DAD! you can see him up to bat in the next pictures.
Go A Team! We can't wait to watch again next year.

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