Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love knowing that Gage knows how to do everything around the house. I've had my fair share of mishaps since we've been married that Gage has fixed... Nail clippers down the bathroom sink... Fish rocks down the garbage disposal... you get the picture.
When we bought this house it was great that Gage and I were able to do all the repairs. Now two years later, it is great that Gage can start framing in the basement and finally get some electrical outlets in that part of the house.
One day Gage was headed out to the hardware store for supplies and he took Trevin with him. When they got home I heard Trevin run up the stairs, rummage through his closet, then run back down stairs and out the back door. After a few minutes I couldn't resist any more so I headed out to the garage to find out what was going on. I saw Gage setting up the table saw, with his tool belt on and his tool box out on the floor... and I saw Trevin with his play tool belt on and unloading all of his own tools onto the garage floor. They worked for hours together in the basement. I went down to check on them every now and then and finally decided that I had to take some pictures.
Trevin knows what most of his tools are called and what he should use each tool for. Trevin wants to be just like his Dad! Gage is awesome and is always willing to let Trevin help him and teach him along the way, even though I'm sure it makes the job take longer.
One day Trevin will be a great handy man around the house too!

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