Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carrots and Bruises

Our garden has been a little neglected this year, but luckily it still decided to produce. Trevin and Chey love to help pick the vegetable and water. One day I had taken the two of them out to the garden and helped them each pick a carrot. Then we went to the hose and washed them, and then they got to eat them. Trevin thought it was so cool! He wanted another one and I told him that dad would help him get another one when he got home (10 min away). Well Trevin never forgets anything and he grabbed dad as soon as he got out of the jeep and lead him to the garden. Trevin just expected one carrot like I had gotten for him, but dad picked a whole bunch and Trevin was thrilled. He showed dad where they needed to go to wash the carrots and even let Cheyenne do some of the work!
Our carrots were really yummy with dinner!

So this part of the post should have come first since Trevin has a bruise on his head in all the first pictures. Oh well. Trevin is quite accident prone, I'm sure it is because he is little and because he is a boy but he gets himself hurt all the time! This was just another one of his many bumps, but I figure I need to make note of some of them, so I can show him when he gets older!
We were at Sugar and Chief house, all the grandkids were playing outside and Trevin tripped on the concrete. Unfortunately his head took the majority of the impact and he had an instant goose egg! We decided to head home and baby our little boy. It was bed time, but I didn't want to send Trevin to bed right away, especially if he ended up having a concussion or something. He was more than excited about getting to lay on Mom and Dad's bed to watch a movie. He hauled in his Lightning McQueen pillow and blanket while I got him some ice. We chilled for about an hour and a half before he fell asleep.
I couldn't decide which picture showed his goose egg better, so you get to see them both.
This thing stuck around for about two weeks. Poor kid!

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