Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A surprise around every corner. That is what you get when you have two toddlers. I'm sure many of you are very aware of this fact, but some things just have to be recorded... and I would hate to allow Cheyenne's latest scheme to get forgotten.
I didn't take a picture I was too worried about trying to clean up the mess. I'll try to paint one in your mind. I was upstairs in the kitchen working on cards with Trevin being my "big helper." Cheyenne was quietly keeping herself entertained. (Yeah that should have been the first hint!) After about 15 minutes I hear Cheyenne "Mom... MOM... Hep(help)... Scuck" coming from the unfinished portion of our house. I think,"Great." It is a disaster area from construction and then I added to the mess this morning with card stuff. I can only imagine the mess Chey just added. I walk in, she isn't in dad's tool corner and she isn't in my scrapbooking corner... she is on the computer table that sits smack in the middle of the room, computer tower knocked over, all the paper piles that had been on the table are now spread across the floor. She is very excited to see me, since she accidentally pushed the chair away from the table (her only escape route). Next, the worst part... she hands me a pencil and says "See." OH I SEE IT! She drew me a lovely picture all over the computer screen! Not just a small picture in one corner, my entire screen is covered with pencil. After trying to erase it with an eraser for about 10 minutes (which doesn't work). I finally call Gage, fortunately he is calm and tells me to just "Google" it. Luckily I've erased enough of the screen that I can see the blurry words of other unfortunate mothers that have experienced the same thing and worse. Most used a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, but I've seen what that can do to a finish on walls and didn't dare try it on my computer... so after more blurry searching... minimal Windex on a soft cloth, WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Cheyenne is forgiven and back in Mom's good graces!


joni said...

Wow! I have to admit though, while I was reading where your story was headed I was thinking something more along the lines of a food mess, or maybe the contents of a diaper smeared in undesirable places..... glad it was just pencil! And thank goodness for Google. What would we do without it?! Gotta love our toddlers making our lives more exciting! :)

Curt, Kirsten and Kids said...

Now you know what I go through on a day to day basis...I can't leave him alone to quietly entertain himself AT ALL! Loved it!!!