Sunday, August 1, 2010


We were lucky enough to score some Real Salt Lake soccer tickets for this past weekend. I say score, but really we just have some awesome friends that let us use their season tickets while they were out of town! Gage and I had planned on it being a date, but last minute (we were in the truck pulling out of the driveway) we decided that Trevin would love it and we took him with us. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden. ON the freeway to the stadium we got caught in a massive down pour of rain and we had to wonder if the game would get cancelled. We got there and the weather was beautiful. We had awesome seats and even ended up having an empty seat next to us for Trevin. Trevin loved it, He got distracted easily but was great. Even when the rain hit, He just put the hood up on his jacket and sat and watched still. Gage and I had fun, we haven't been to an RSL game since they built the new stadium. We even had a lot of action on our side of the field which made it even more entertaining.
Our view of the stadium.
Trevin was a sport and let me take pictures of the two of us even though he was trying to watch "a ball game." He really got into it, I think his favorite part was when our team scored and we would lift him up on our shoulders to cheer. He was super cute and would pump his fists and yell go team!
Thanks to the Hansen's for the fun memory!

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