Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Summer

I had Gage load all of the pictures from his phone onto the computer so I could add pictures to previous blogs. To my surprise there were lots of other summer pictures that I had forgotten about. So here they are, some of the random fun things that made up our summer.
We did this last year and I decided to do it again this year. Who knows maybe we'll make it a tradition. This hair cut is always followed by a buzz cut after about a week.
The kids were so excited when the weather got warm, we love to play outside. Everyone knows that summer time means Parade time. We go a great spot all to our selves at the city parade. With no other kids around us, we ended up getting candy from EVERYONE! Trevin and Cheyenne loved the little flags that got passed out and they loved getting candy and other prizes.
We went to the fair after the parade. Trevin got to try the super big slide with his cousins. Trevin also won a bag of army men from the gator toss... but nothing compared to the loads of candy our kids brought home.
I'm not sure when this next picture is fun, but I'm sure Trevin was thrilled to be working with Dad at the time and even more excited to ride this fun toy.
I always said I would never plant petunias, it is what my mom plants and they're way pretty, but I wanted something different. After a failed attempt at a flower garden last year, I planted petunias this year. And wow they have taken over! Here is a start of the season picture next to a middle of the season picture. They grew way more than I expected and filled out the flower beds great. They didn't stop growing and have now taken over. They are taller than some of my baby bushes that we planted a 1 years ago! Maybe I'll plant petunias every year!

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Alex said...

Ryan and I LOVE the mowhawk pictures. hahha especially Ryan though.