Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ward Campout

Our ward camp out was really late in the year, it was scheduled for September 11. Our little family was excited to go, we missed it last year and we haven't been camping at all this year. Gage got off work a little early so we could get set up and enjoy hanging out with everyone from the ward. Turns out every one had checked the weather and had seen that it was supposed to get really cold that night and this is the turn out. We had 4 families come! Everyone else's loss, WE HAD A BLAST!
The whole crew.
Trevin was so excited to set up the tent, you can see it in the top left corner. Then it was time to build a fire. Trevin and Cheyenne both had fun watching dad. They were both really excited when we pulled out all the stuff we needed to make Crabtree Soup!The soup was delicious and just what we needed on a chilly night. We had lots of fun hanging out by the fire. The little kids that were there decided it was a lot of fun to set their marshmallows on fire. Cheyenne figured out that putting her hands in her pockets kept them warm. I think that Trevin and Gage ate a whole bag of marshmallows between the two of them.
When it was time for bed, the kids and I headed to the tent to start bundling up. They each had their PJs, then Their regular clothes, then two jackets, and hats. Like I said we knew it was gunna be cold that night.
The plan was for Trevin and Gage to share a mummy bag and for Mom and Cheyenne to share the other. This didn't work out so great. Cheyenne has never really been the child that will fall asleep in your arms, she likes her own bed, where she can spread out. By midnight she had woken up screaming, because I was in her space, 3 times. So we decided to pack up and head to the truck for the night. Trevin and Gage each got their own sleeping bag at that point. Cheyenne got the front passenger seat of the truck and a blanket. I got the driver's seat. We ended up turning on the heater in the truck a couple of times through out the night. It was really cold, I sat awake and watched the thermostat from inside the truck...41...36...32... by the time it was time to wake up the thermostat read 26 degrees! Yikes! I was more than excited to get out of the truck and start a fire. To bad we forgot to bring the wood inside, it was all frozen. Before long the sun came out and we all thawed. Trevin and Gage said they were both really warm in the tent (Gage slept just fine in shorts.) Breakfast was really yummy pancakes and sausage.
I love this picture of my two boys.

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