Monday, September 27, 2010


This summer Bubba took Gage and I rock climbing. Once was all it took to convince us that this was a sport that we really enjoyed. Gage is getting his Christmas presents early this year and I convinced him to do the same for me... I asked for rock climbing gear. I was so excited. We made our first run with our own gear while Bubba was still available to teach me how to belay.
Bubba lead climbing. I'm not to this daring yet, but maybe one day.
Gage belaying.
Gage being real daring and letting me belay him. It felt so retarded the first time I did it but it was a lot better by the end of the night.
Gage climbing.
Trevin and Cheyenne sit patiently in the back of the truck watching until Gage tells Trevin it is time to get ready for his turn. Trevin as usual loves this kind of thing. Gage made him a harness the first time he came with us and Trevin always makes sure it is in the backpack before we leave. Trevin prepping for his climb. He is very independent and doesn't want any help once he is all hooked in.
Trevin climbing.

Getting a few pointers from Mom and Dad.
Cheyenne always wants in on the action too. If Trevin can do it she can too!
She actually climbed, with help from Bubba but she reached for ledges and pushed up with her feet. She was so excited.
With it getting dark earlier, we are hard pressed to fit in runs. But hopefully we'll get to go a few more times before it gets too cold. I really like that this is a sport that the whole family can get involved in and I can't wait for a few more years when the kids can really get into it.

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I cant wait to go again with you guys!!