Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We (Gage and I) were really excited to do fireworks with the kids this year. So, Saturday night we got the kids ready for bed and then headed out front, for some 24th of July Festivities. Trevin loved sparklers last year and we knew he'd be even more interested this year. Cheyenne was big enough this year to care too! We got out the snaps first, Trevin thought they were awesome!!! Cheyenne loved throwing them, even though she only made one or two actually "pop", but that didn't slow her down.Next came the sparklers. I wish I had gotten a picture/video of Trevin's reaction when Gage lit the first one... "Wahoo, dat is awesome." Cheyenne thought they were pretty and just wanted to touch the sparklies, and unfortunately I looked away for a second and she did... hopefully she forgets that by next year. Cheyenne sat on the stairs with me while Gage and Trevin ran around the yard with the rest of the sparklers and loved it.
Last but not least the sidewalk show. Gage and Trevin had picked out a package of fireworks earlier that day and we couldn't wait to watch them. T & Chey sat on the sidewalk while dad did all the lighting. Trevin loved getting to use his flash light to pick out which one to lit next. Cheyenne got so excited each time one started up. It is so fun to see the excitement on little kids faces... I can't wait til next year.
Thanks DAD!

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