Friday, January 29, 2010


Norman Ray Canova (AKA: BIG PAPA)These are the last pictures I have with Grandpa, they were taken in May. Cheyenne a little upset about being moved, but calmed down really quick in Big Papa's arms.
Trevin was so cute, Big Papa lost his vision to diabetes, but Trevin didn't understand that, so he would tell big Papa "knuckles" then when Grandpa put out his hand in the wrong place, Trevin would move it to be right next to his. Then Trevin would ball up his own hand and give him knuckles. I have lots of great memories with Big Papa, listening to his police scanner, doing wooden animal puzzles that he made, M&M dispensers.... We are gunna miss him!
I want to add just a couple pictures from the funeral. The first is of the Flag ceremony. Big Papa served in the US. Navy and US. Air Force. He was also a Sheriff fro 30+ years in California.

I love this one with the single red rose from Grandma Donna.
There was only a graveside service, which I thought was very nice. Toward the end of the service we each got a chance to give a flower to grandma and a hug. All the Yellow flowers represent Big Papa's kids, and their spouses. The Pinks are his Grandchildren and their spouses. The peach/orange are all of the Great Grandchildren. The red rose is from Grandma. I thought it was really neat to see all the roses together, that just represented family.
"We all looked up to him- literally and figuratively....His example in adversity will be an inspiration to us all. We look forward to a joyful reunion with him in the Eternities."
Until we meet again, I love you Big Papa!

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