Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sunday night Cheyenne started acting sick... whining, slight fever, could be because she is getting more teeth.
Monday morning brought a cough, but no more fevers, still whining.
Monday afternoon happy as a lark, occasionally cough harsh sounding.
Monday night after falling asleep at the usual 9 pm. Cheyenne woke up at 11:30 pm barking, crying, upper respiratory congestion/rattling - sounds like a ball vibrating in her throat with her breathing. A quick run to walmart at midnight for a humidifier. Got back and Dad had her asleep. Turned it on, minimal coughing through the night.
Tuesday morning wheezing, still rattling, mild difficulty breathing, occasional bark like cough (she got really good at suppressing them) Decided that after her nap it was time to see a doctor.
Tuesday afternoon took Trevin to Grandmas and off to insta care with Cheyenne. Got in in less than 30 minutes (barely). Waited for the doc while the nurse put on a oxygen Saturation monitor. O2 levels were low, 85-89%. Chest x-ray=lungs clear... croup positive. Breathing treatment that improved the wheezing but not her O2 levels. What does this all lead to?
ADMISSION TO THE HOSPITAL! I tried to convince the doc to let me take her home with O2 for the night but he told me she would need some IV steroids to open up her throat, so I caved like a good mom and agreed to go to the hospital. We got there just before 5pm.
TUESDAY NIGHT... just like any computer problem, all you need to do is call someone to come look at it and it fixes itself, we made it up to the re and they put the O2 monitor on her... 97%. The Resident came to see us and still wanted to watch her overnight. Seeing as croup gets worse when kids fall asleep. And wanted her to be here in case she needed a breathing treatment, etc. Her nurse brought in her dose of steroids, not IV just a shot, and tada... she was healed. We spent the rest of the night with the nurse checking on my perfect sleeping baby every 2 hrs and the respiratory therapist also checking on my sleeping baby every 4 hrs. You couldn't even hear her breathe! No one had to do anything... except bug Cheyenne by waking her up every couple hours.
Until it was bedtime I think Cheyenne loved all the attention, she was feeling much better after her shot.
Showing off her room and her new bed for the night... she didn't like it much.. good thing we had her favorite blanket.
Her new digs for the night... her cute little white t-shirt. Daddy came to visit after he had gotten Trevin from Grandma's house, feed him dinner, and took him to play at Sugar's for a couple hours. Cheyenne was to distracted by Dad's arrival to eat, but she sure loved that spoon. This next picture is really blurry but still cute. 2-3am. "Hi Mom" with her little E.T. toe glowing. She is leaning over the edge of the crib to get goldfish off the table. Wednesday morning breakfast time. Cheyenne never wakes up earlier than 7:45 am. But I guess she was tired of everyone waking her up and it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to go back to sleep. So 6:00am we were both up. Cheyenne loves goldfish, anytime of the day!Here are her cute little feet. I'm not sure why the put everything on kids legs at the hospital... I think they must forget that kids this age love to play with their feet! She loved playing with her ankle ID band and the wire that was attached to her other foot.
The doc came up at around 7:30 am, and was surprised to find out that Cheyenne hadn't needed oxygen or breathing treatments. I just wished he would have apologized for putting us through this hassle.
In the end, "all's well that ends well" right! We are just glad to be home and healthy.

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David and Camillia said...

Wow it sounds like you had a crazy couple of days! I am glad everyone is doing better. She is such a cute little girl.