Thursday, April 30, 2009


On Monday Cheyenne started smiling. Not just random smiles but in response to someone talking to her or playing with her. It is way cute. I've spent all week trying to catch it on camera with out much luck. Every time I'd run for the camera, just to get back and find out she wouldn't smile again. Trevin, on the other hand, loved when the camera came out and was always willing to entertain. Here are a couple of this weeks pictures.

Finally this morning right after she ate I managed to catch a couple. Isn't she adorable! I love when her eye squinch up like that. She even let out a couple of "goo's"!

This last one is my favorite. She was just starting to relax and Trevin decided to come over and talk to her too. He started jabbering at her and she just lit up. It made my morning!
I can only wonder what he was trying to say to her, but I think she understood. The joys of being a MOM.


joni said...

Aw how cute!!! That's so much fun. It made Nate and I giggle. :)

Jenny said...

Sooo cute, is she eating her foot in the 2nd one of the first smile bunch? I love how babies love to eat their own feet :D. She looks like you when she smiles and her eyes squint