Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cheyenne's Blessing

Sunday we blessed Cheyenne and had a get together for lunch. It turned out great. I always love getting the whole family together. It just would have been nice if the weather had cooperated and we could have gone outside, rather than cramming everyone into our house. Thanks to everyone that provided food. It was delicious and a special thanks to Lindsay for letting us take over her birthday.
After Cheyenne was born my Mom offered her Wedding dress to use to make a Blessing dress. I was way excited and scared to death of cutting it apart. I don't sew that often and this project was quite intimidating. Unlike most things if I messed it up there was no way to go out and buy new material.
It turned out great. My mother-in-law put in the zipper and my Mom spent hours sewing the decorative flowers on. Cheyenne looked so cute...

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