Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Little Helper

It's not new news that Trevin loves to help his Dad. He will do anything that Gage does, especially if it involves tools or being outside. T got a tool set for Christmas. Since then he gets very excited every time Dad pulls out any real tools and can't wait until he gets his turn, which Dad always lets him have.
Here are my boys putting together Cheyenne's crib.

Once it started getting warm outside, it was time to clean out the garage. We had used it like a wood shop through the cold months and it had saw dust everywhere. Trevin saw Gage sweeping and went and got his own "broom" so he could help.

The new news is that Trevin loves helping Mom... as long as it involves Cheyenne. He has finally decided she can stay. The first day we had her home I had just finished changing her diaper and he saw it. He got this excited look on his face, came and grabbed the dirty diaper and took it straight to the "Diaper Genie." He was so proud of himself.
He is so good about bringing you a burp rag when you ask, but his favorite thing is helping with bottles! He loves to feed the baby and does a pretty good job. (this is Trevin's new cheesy smile)
Then after all the hard work is done he loves to hang out with her. He will let her lay on his arm for a few minutes and then wants his freedom back. And this part of the day is MY favorite... When Trevin helps Cheyenne take a nap!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, that is soo awesome that he is so sweet to her! Caleb is good with Corbin for the most part...except he has a little devil in him, like when he wanted to warm Corbin up by piling all the blankets on top of him....yeah....but he sure does like to make him laugh or "Eat him up"

Kenna said...

That sounds so cute. Trevin has figured out why Cheyenne cries when he crawls on to her in the carseat to give her a hug! Little kids are so much fun! So when are you gunna come see us? or when we come see you?