Friday, April 3, 2009


Cheyenne had her 2 week check and the Doc says everything looks great. She weighed in at 8lbs. 15 oz. She finally decided it was okay to eat just once every 2 hours instead of every twenty minutes. Which I definitely appreciate, especially at 3am. She really is a great baby and adorable. She has Dad wrapped around her finger already. (Trevin was sleeping in his own room by the time he was a week old- Cheyenne still falls a sleep with Dad in our bed and stays there for most of the night!)
As far as an update on Trevin... We finally had a few normal days and then he decided to break out in hives. I swear he has never been sick and in the last two weeks he has decided to test me. I was nervous, at first his face was just a little read then I noticed his eyes were swollen then the hives broke out... all in a matter of five minutes. Benedryl a couple times and Watching "Handy Manny" over and over seemed to take care of the problem. We never figured out what the hives were from. He didn't eat anything different, no new soaps or detergents, and he has never had a problem with the cold, he did have an insect bite on his leg - so who knows! This picture shows the worst of it on his arms, legs, and neck. His face was mostly better by the time we took pictures.

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