Friday, April 17, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came

Happy Easter. Trevin was so much fun this year. He caught on to there being candy in the eggs and that he could shake the egg to find out if there was something inside. He was always excited when the egg would rattle. Then he'd pop the egg open and make a surprised face when he saw the candy. What a hoot!
He also discovered the joy of coloring Easter eggs, thanks grandma. :) He loved throwing the eggs into the coloring and using a spoon to fish them out. (He probably would have liked using his hands if I'd let him!) It really made my day. We ate lunch outside, barbecue (I love that the weather is getting warm enough to grill again)!
But the weather didn't cooperate, we ended up getting rained on. The party must go on... I helped Trevin hunt for eggs in the rain, while Gage represented the Crabtrees in the "grown-ups" hunt (there is a little bit of $ involved so the adults get to play). We all got wet, but we all had fun. Trevin and Dad going through their spoils inside and doing a little bit of trading!Easter egg Hunt #2... at the Canova house. By now Trevin had almost figured out how to hold the basket and pick up eggs. He still preferred to just open the eggs up as soon as he got them. Lucky for us the yard was packed with eggs and we ended up with plenty of candy.The grandkids with all their goodies on Sugar and Chief's front porch. Cheyenne was wonderful, she slept the whole time and she even ended up with a small basket! I love holidays... It is great to spend time with the family. "Thanks" to the Easter Bunny who took so much time to make this year memorable!

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Jenny said...

Easter is awesome...I think the bunny skipped our house for the adults and just took care of the grandkids, lol--still fun :D