Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date Night and Fish

About a month before I went on maternity leave I told Gage that while I wasn't working I wanted to try cooking some new dishes. I asked for suggestions. The only thing he wanted me to try was fish...ugh! I am not a fish person. So I've been off work now for about 5 weeks and I've tried quite a few things, but I finally decided to give in and go for fish.
Yesterday I bought all the fixings for TILAPIA, one of the less fishy tasting fish. Gage and I pulled into the garage at about the same time, unloaded the groceries, and left the kids asleep in the car. (Don't worry we left the door between the house and the garage open so we could keep an eye on them.) We enjoyed a Date Night preping and grilling Tilapia. We woke the kids up just in time to eat with us.
It was delicious, like I said I don't typically like fish, but this was great! I highly recommend that you try it. I posted the recipe on the side of my blog, It takes a while but is worth the wait.


Lindsay said...

you've become such a good homemaker. Maybe one day I'll have time to try new things. Right now I'm lucky to make ANYTHING for dinner :) Looks good, but I don't know if I dare try fish.

joni said...

That looks really good! I don't think we've ever cooked any type of fish besides fish sticks! ha ha
Tilapia is good, we'll have to try it sometime!