Thursday, December 22, 2011

Captain America turns 4.

Trevin is very into all super heroes right now. Everyday he has me put a cape on him (a pillow case), so he can be a super hero. Being a super hero entails saving Mom and Cheyenne from all the bad guys, most of the time that mean shooting them, with anything that might resemble a gun. Occasionally Chey gets to be a super hero too, but for the most part she gets to be a damsel in distress with mom.  So it wasn't very hard to decide what to get Trevin from his birthday this year... SUPER HERO anything. His favorite superhero at the moment is Captain America so that's the theme we stuck with.
At our house presents couldn't possibly wait until after dad gets home from work. So presents happen first thing in the morning. Before we even eat breakfast or get out of our PJs. 

First present... A Captain america shield. Trevin usually uses a bucket lid so he was very excited to have the real deal. 
 Next up... A Captain America action figure that talks and has a shield and a gun!
 Third came the Captain America helmet... Now you see the whole picture. (except Trevin decided it was better to wear his shield and helmet, while using the little action figure gun too.)
 I love the look on T's face in this next picture. He was more than excited to open his very own iPod. (Mom's old iTouch). We reset it and made it all kid friendly. Trevin already knew how to use it better than mom anyway. We loaded a bunch of super hero pictures to it. Left only games on it and of coarse his favorite music. Oh the green cover is new. 
 He was thrilled and promised he would even share it with Cheyenne. 
We had lots of fun during the day... Trevin rotated between playing the iPod and being Captain America. Trevin got to go to Chick-fil-a with dad for a special birthday lunch.
Later in the day we had our brand new home teachers stop by. They are honestly the best! Trevin was asleep but they dropped off a present for him. Trevin was way excited to wake up to another gift. 
 For dinner the kids had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at Trevin request. (Mom and dad at lasagna.) Then instead of doing cake and ice cream. We headed out to Farr's Fresh ice cream to let the kids load up on whatever ice cream they wanted. It was a lot of fun and I think they liked not having any restrictions on toppings. 
  A quick picture with his birthday balloons before heading off to bed. 

(Chey had a great time picking out the balloons!)

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