Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few of our Christmas activities...

I love Christmas time with kids... I love Christmas anyway, but usually just the Christ aspect of it. But with kids I must admit the Santa/reindeer/elves portion is A LOT of fun. Cheyenne has really picked up on the Christmas songs In fact I sing them each a song when I tuck them into bed and the other night she asked me to sing "Santa Baby" I was shocked and did a pretty pathetic job since I don't know the words.
Trevin and Chey both love to sing " I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."  But the favorite song at our house is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. 
Needless to say I have been watching the newspaper to find out when and where Santa's reindeer would be so we could show the kids. Since you don't get to actually see reindeer very often. So when Weber State held their "Fill the sleigh" event we mad a special trip to see Santa and his reindeer. The kids were so excited.
Santa brought 2 reindeer with him Blitzen(left) and Snowflake(right). Snow flake of coarse is one of the reindeer in training, so he doesn't actually get to pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas yet. 

 Here's our picture with Blitzen. The toilet paper is our donation to Santa's sleigh. Cause Santa is too busy making all the toys to make toilet paper for the kids that don't have any. Trevin had about a million questions when we got there. He wanted to know if they put a tent over the reindeer so the couldn't fly away. The answer Yes.
 Blitzen, they really are very pretty.
 Inside with Santa! We got to see Santa quite a few times this year, but this is my favorite picture (it was the one at WSU). Trevin asked for a race track with a ramp. Chey asked for a dolly and a duck.
 This is a different day. We've started the tradition of taking Grandma Donna ( my Dad's mom) to J&J to see all the pointsettas. While we are there we take pictures in the flowers. It's a lot of fun... this year we went late in the season and there weren't very many varieties left... next year we'll have to go earlier.

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sierra said...

The the tent over the reindeer comment. And cheyenne asking for a duck. :) Cute kids!