Monday, January 9, 2012

The countdown begins!

When I went to my previous OB appointment this baby was weighing in at about 5lbs 6oz. Then I went again on Tuesday (2 wks later) and they are estimating that our baby weighs just over 7 lbs! Needless to say we are a little worried that this baby might be huge! I decided to go ahead and schedule myself to be induced (I was with both Trevin and Chey). So now we have a date and the countdown begins. 
Trevin and Chey are so excited and had a lot of fun helping me pick what colors to use for the chain and stapling them together. The most fun of coarse is getting to rip one off each day.  
 I can't tell you how excited we are at our house. Cheyenne favorite activity right now is to blow raspberries on the baby! Trevin is my worrier. About a week ago we had this conversation...
Trevin: Mom I need to talk to you.
Me: OK what are we going to talk about?
Trevin: We don't have any diapers! If this baby poops in it's diaper we won't have any new diapers to change it!
Me: Oh no. Do you think we should buy some diapers the next time we go to the store?
Trevin: Yes! Don't forget!
Needless to say we now have diapers at our house. 

Since we didn't find out if we are  having a boy or a girl I've gone ahead and washed at least some newborn size outfits for both. Cheyenne LOVES all the little girl clothes! Maybe a little too much.  She had tried desperately to get on a NB size jacket earlier today and the one sleeve ended above her elbow and I finally convinced her the clothes would only fit a baby. I thought that was the end of it... I was wrong, this is what I found just a little while later. 
She found the matching pants! and was so proud that they fit! 
(The swimming suit is a whole other story. Cheyenne asks to wear her swimming suit every day, multiple times a day! And stalks the laundry room when it has to be washed. )

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Love Bug said...

Again, you have cute and very funny kids :) tell them jentry says hi!