Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Canova Christmas Party

 Today was the Canova family Christmas Party. They went for a none traditional party that turned out being a blast! We all went ICE SKATING! We had a nice lunch before hand and all the kids loved watching the hockey team play while we ate. When public skating hours started the kids couldn't wait to go "borrow their ice skaters!" I sent Trevin and Gage thinking that Cheyenne wouldn't be interested at all. I was wrong. As soon as Trevin and Dad had their ice skates, Cheyenne sat down next to them and took off her shoes. She needed some ice skaters too! I was so impressed at how quickly these two figured out how to walk in their ice skates. They both took a couple of wobbly steps then... piece of cake!
With all of the adult cousins around we had plenty of help on the ice. Trevin and Chey loved it!! A couple of my cousins played hockey in High School and trevin thought it was fun to go with them cause they just picked him up and went "really fast!" 
 It was a work out to skate bent over holding up a little kid.. So we had the kids come sit on the bench outside the ice rink to take a rest... even though I think the adults benefited from the "rest" the most.
 Every time Cheyenne had to come sit on the bench she said the same thing. "I meed ice skating more." Dad came and sat by her fro a little while to keep her company. Aren't they cute!
My little crew. We had such a fun time. 

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