Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Traditional Christmas Card

Merry Christmas! I finally got Christmas letters sent out. I know I probably missed people so here it is for anyone that is interested. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Friends and Family,

Can you believe we are at the end of another year! We hope that this past year has been full of wonderful memories, for ours certainly has.

Gage has been a busy man.  He managed to have 3 different church callings this year.  Perhaps the hardest change Gage had to face this year was turning 30 (he still doesn’t act his age)! Don’t worry it hasn’t slowed him down. He takes on a full load at work and home. I can always count on him to get the kids riled up just before bedtime. They love their dad!

McKenna loves all the time she gets to spend at home.  Two toddlers are a constant source of entertainment! She has taken on the task of holding preschool at our house 2 days a week, and loves getting to see the kids excited to learn and play. In her spare time after cooking and cleaning McKenna loves to go on dates with Gage more frequently.

Trevin has changed so much this year. He is proficient at using Mom’s iPod touch, navigating the computer and racing on x-box. His electronic skills must come from his dad.  His imagination is as wild as ever.  Most of his adventures right now involve him being a super hero. Trevin prompted the at home preschool.  Every morning starts with the same question “Is it preschool day?”  He loves to learn!

Cheyenne is all girl! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She too has an active imagination and can almost always be found carrying a doll, stuffed animal or Barbie.  Chey has a stubborn side and refused to potty train, regardless of mom’s pleadings. After mom finally gave up, Chey decided she was ready and has been dry since. She loves her “long Rapunzel hair” and her earrings (her reward for potty training).

Our family is excited to welcome baby #3. Trevin is set on having a brother and Chey is sure we are having a sister. We can’t wait to find out in January! Gage and I are just thrilled to have a couple of months off of diaper duty before we start into the baby phase again.

We love our Savior and express gratitude for His love in our lives.  We feel so blessed to know that He lives. Our hope is that you too have felt His love and know that you can always turn to Him in times of need.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you. 
Love, the Crabtree's

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