Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tractor Rides

This afternoon we stopped by the shop to say "Hi" to Dad and I needed to learn how to do a couple of things on the computer. Trevin and Cheyenne love going to the shop, they not only get to see dad, but they get to see Bubba, and Grandma(sometimes), and PAPA! Trevin was especially excited to see Papa today. Trevin said Hi to Papa and then Papa asked Trevin if his dad had taken him to ride on the tractor. The answer was no. So Papa told Trevin "Go ask your Dad if you can drive the tractor." That is all the help Trevin needed. He hunted down Dad and said "We go drive a tractor?!" Trevin didn't stop asking about it all day! Dad brought home the tractor keys that night and we had a family outing to the farm. Trevin was pretty excited. They climbed in the tractor and drove around the field.Then they moved some dirt around with the big scoop.
Trevin was so excited.
Next they drove around some more and then I think Trevin's favorite part... they dug a huge hole with the backhoe!
Trevin loves tractors and his favorite is a backhoe. This must have been a dream come true for this little boy! His face lit up when they were getting ready to dig and then he got this look of concentration while he was helping dad with the controls.
Cheyenne had fallen asleep in the car, but she was pretty excited when I woke her up and she saw the tractor. We had lots of fun watching!

After a few minutes Gage asked Cheyenne if she wanted a turn and, oh boy, she did. She had been fine to watch, but as soon as Gage made mention of her driving the tractor she couldn't hold still.
We even loaded the whole family in for a couple of minutes. We had so much fun and we were so glad that Papa suggested it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The A Team

All summer Gage has been the sub for a softball team. We have loved getting to go and watch the games! We knew lots of people on the team which made it even more fun to watch... Uncle Trav, Uncle Mike and Justin all were regulars and then Gage played most of the time too.We had lots of fun, Trevin loves baseball and we play in the back yard all the time. He is getting so good at hitting the ball. I love how observant little kids are, we went to one game and the next day I found Trevin with Gage's metal bat out in the garage. He tapped the bat on the cement, then held up the bat and shook his behind, then he would swing the bat and trow it across the garage and run in a circle! I was shocked, could he really learn all that from one game! We got some old bucket lids and taught Trevin how to run the bases and how to pitch and tag people out. By the end of the season Trevin was a pro. His baseball gear became very important by the end of the season too. We found some baseball cleats at Savers, Trevin knew exactly what they were when I picked them up. He said "Running shoes like dad's for Trevin!" He wears those "running shoes" everywhere. Right now there is no other option for shoes in his mind. Next up he pulled out his ball and bat and mitt they go to every game, and anywhere else he can sneak them in. Last his basket ball shorts, black socks and "team shirt." Trevin is very quick, he figured out that dad wore these things to the games and he wanted to too!
A lot can change in a few short months! Even the team changed. Two weeks before the end of the season, Wazzy (aka Trav) moved away to med school. We would miss watching him, so the first game we went to after he left, we decided to represent. Trevin and Cheyenne were really excited to get their faces painted, and we painted Brinlee's too. Sierra was the artist that made Trevin shirt into an awesome team shirt with Trav's name and number on the back.
We have had so much fun cheering on the team, but our favorite person to cheer for was DAD! you can see him up to bat in the next pictures.
Go A Team! We can't wait to watch again next year.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carrots and Bruises

Our garden has been a little neglected this year, but luckily it still decided to produce. Trevin and Chey love to help pick the vegetable and water. One day I had taken the two of them out to the garden and helped them each pick a carrot. Then we went to the hose and washed them, and then they got to eat them. Trevin thought it was so cool! He wanted another one and I told him that dad would help him get another one when he got home (10 min away). Well Trevin never forgets anything and he grabbed dad as soon as he got out of the jeep and lead him to the garden. Trevin just expected one carrot like I had gotten for him, but dad picked a whole bunch and Trevin was thrilled. He showed dad where they needed to go to wash the carrots and even let Cheyenne do some of the work!
Our carrots were really yummy with dinner!

So this part of the post should have come first since Trevin has a bruise on his head in all the first pictures. Oh well. Trevin is quite accident prone, I'm sure it is because he is little and because he is a boy but he gets himself hurt all the time! This was just another one of his many bumps, but I figure I need to make note of some of them, so I can show him when he gets older!
We were at Sugar and Chief house, all the grandkids were playing outside and Trevin tripped on the concrete. Unfortunately his head took the majority of the impact and he had an instant goose egg! We decided to head home and baby our little boy. It was bed time, but I didn't want to send Trevin to bed right away, especially if he ended up having a concussion or something. He was more than excited about getting to lay on Mom and Dad's bed to watch a movie. He hauled in his Lightning McQueen pillow and blanket while I got him some ice. We chilled for about an hour and a half before he fell asleep.
I couldn't decide which picture showed his goose egg better, so you get to see them both.
This thing stuck around for about two weeks. Poor kid!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love knowing that Gage knows how to do everything around the house. I've had my fair share of mishaps since we've been married that Gage has fixed... Nail clippers down the bathroom sink... Fish rocks down the garbage disposal... you get the picture.
When we bought this house it was great that Gage and I were able to do all the repairs. Now two years later, it is great that Gage can start framing in the basement and finally get some electrical outlets in that part of the house.
One day Gage was headed out to the hardware store for supplies and he took Trevin with him. When they got home I heard Trevin run up the stairs, rummage through his closet, then run back down stairs and out the back door. After a few minutes I couldn't resist any more so I headed out to the garage to find out what was going on. I saw Gage setting up the table saw, with his tool belt on and his tool box out on the floor... and I saw Trevin with his play tool belt on and unloading all of his own tools onto the garage floor. They worked for hours together in the basement. I went down to check on them every now and then and finally decided that I had to take some pictures.
Trevin knows what most of his tools are called and what he should use each tool for. Trevin wants to be just like his Dad! Gage is awesome and is always willing to let Trevin help him and teach him along the way, even though I'm sure it makes the job take longer.
One day Trevin will be a great handy man around the house too!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We were lucky enough to score some Real Salt Lake soccer tickets for this past weekend. I say score, but really we just have some awesome friends that let us use their season tickets while they were out of town! Gage and I had planned on it being a date, but last minute (we were in the truck pulling out of the driveway) we decided that Trevin would love it and we took him with us. We had a great dinner at Olive Garden. ON the freeway to the stadium we got caught in a massive down pour of rain and we had to wonder if the game would get cancelled. We got there and the weather was beautiful. We had awesome seats and even ended up having an empty seat next to us for Trevin. Trevin loved it, He got distracted easily but was great. Even when the rain hit, He just put the hood up on his jacket and sat and watched still. Gage and I had fun, we haven't been to an RSL game since they built the new stadium. We even had a lot of action on our side of the field which made it even more entertaining.
Our view of the stadium.
Trevin was a sport and let me take pictures of the two of us even though he was trying to watch "a ball game." He really got into it, I think his favorite part was when our team scored and we would lift him up on our shoulders to cheer. He was super cute and would pump his fists and yell go team!
Thanks to the Hansen's for the fun memory!