Thursday, November 12, 2009


Cheyenne has her first 2 teeth! The best part is that I didn't even realize she was teething. One day I went to put something in her mouth and felt them. I hope she does that well with all of her teeth. My little princess showing off her chompers. The two on the bottom. She loves to try them out on EVERYTHING!
Many of you may remember the day that Gage got hit in the mouth with a softball... you all got the chance to see his split lip and the 7 stitches needed to put it back together. What you may have missed is what happened after the stitches had healed!

Yep that is right. The day the last stitch came out we realized that Gage's front tooth(on the left) had died. It was a nice mild shade of gray that progressively got worse. This is the best, or worst, picture I have of it. Gage found a great Dentist that did an amazing job. First came the root canal, then 2wks later, another appt to finish the root canal. 2 wks after that we got to start the internal bleaching process, which was 2 in office appointments a week apart, then finally a few days later an appt for the filing. I'm really not complaining because I didn't go to a single appointment, but I felt like Gage was living at the dentist office. The end result is great. I just hope that Gage's tooth can hang on for at least a few years before he has to get a cap. THE AFTER PICTURE! We were so excited to be done with the dentist.

Too Bad it only lasted for a week! One morning brushing Trevin's teeth he slipped of his stool and slammed his mouth into the counter, which knocked him backwards and he then slammed the back of his head on the floor. I felt awful! I wasn't fast enough to stop it, when I picked him up he had a mouth full of blood and a nice little bite mark on his tongue. It wasn't until that night brushing his teeth that I saw the crack, straight down his bottom tooth...BACK TO THE DENTIST! Janae works for a pediatric dentist so I called first thing in the morning and Trevin's appointment was set for the next day, Halloween. We were so excited to see Janae at work... because it was Halloween everyone at the office was dressed up. Here is Janae working on T's little teeth, while he was distracted watching the TV on the ceiling.


We also had the fun experience of taking x-rays of Trevin's teeth, he sat on my lap, I pried his mouth open, while he bit down as hard as he could, while Janae worked the machine. It was so fun. Trevin did pretty good when the dentist came to see him. We were sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic and another appointment on Monday to have T's tooth pulled.

Poor guy... Sunday morning he started complaining when he ate breakfast, "ouch, teeth" I felt awful, he didn't eat the rest of the day. The before picture from the day of the appointment.
When they called us back into the procedure room, they let Trevin sit on my lap while they gave him a shot in the arm that knocked him out. I ran out and put towels all over the truck (they warned me that Trevin would most likely throw up on the car ride home). I walked back into the office and within 2 minutes they came out and told me they were finished, and that I could come sit with him while he woke up.
Doesn't he look so cute when he's knocked out! Trevin was pretty funny waking up from sedation. All of his answers were delayed and he must have been seeing double because he was trying to touch my cheek at one point and kept grabbing next to my face. After about an hour and a half in recovery we were allowed to go home. Luckily no throwing up in the car, but it still took a couple of hours for Trevin to be able to stand up on his own!
The after picture. I am so glad it wasn't a top tooth!

Trevin did such a great job at the dentist and taking his antibiotic that I decided he deserved a reward.
Meet NEMO and BUBBLES! Trevin's new goldfish and our first official pets! Gage and I had a deal that I could buy what ever pet I wanted, without his permission...with one limitation... "When it dies, it has to be able to get flushed down the toilet." Goldfish definitely qualify. Trevin loves fish right now... He was so excited to watch the tank full of goldfish at the store and I wish I had had my camera to get a picture of his face when the worker handed him his bag with two fish. It was priceless!When we got them home Trevin couldn't wait to hold them again, I think we almost lost them off the counter a few times while trying to get the bowl ready. Trevin thinks it is so cool to feed them and even more fun to just sit on the counter and watch them. This is how Trevin watches his fish, with his forehead on one edge of the top and his chin on the other edge. I guess it's a good thing the opening isn't any bigger!


joni said...

ha ha fun FISH!! You guys HAVE had a lot of teeth problems lately, I didn't really put two and two together! I'm glad Trevin did okay with the pulling!

Crazy People said...

You deffinately have a busy household! Your 2 little ones are growing so fast! By the way I think I need to learn your tricks for making such cute pages!

Jenny said...

Hehehehehe, I love the picture with his face almost in the fish bowl :D If you guys ever get a beta, I think I still have my small wee little beta fish tank somewhere, lol. Those last...for a bit longer, mine died 15 days...I have never been good with fish.

Goodness, thats good Cheyenne is doing so well with teething, hope it stays fantastic :D