Tuesday, November 3, 2009


DADDY'S 28th BIRTHDAY! We love when Dad's Birthday comes along and we try to make it last for as long as possible. Gage works so hard for us all the time so he deserves a nice long birthday! This year the celebration started on Thursday with an Apple Crumb Pie. It was delicious. Every year starting while we were dating I have made Gage a Pie for his birthday (He loves PIE) and every year I try a different kind (that way I can't be blamed if it doesn't turn out!) Lucky for me this one was pretty good. Friday night was date night. We very rarely get to go out on dates any more so this was quite a treat. Thanks to Linds and Kyle we went to Outback for a great steak dinner. Then it was off to Salt Lake City. Until now I had never been to a Haunted House.
We had a lot of fun, Gage was a good sport to put up with me. I definitely jumped more than a few times, but to my defense Gage jumped a couple times too! I loved all of the effects- they (the haunted house people) did a great job.
Saturday Gage got to go to the BYU game with one of his good friends. They had a great time watching BYU lose.
Sunday was Gage's real birthday, Trevin woke up sick so we traded off going to church. I made a Rump Roast, layered jello, and Black Cherry Kool-aid for lunch/dinner. When Gage got home we had set up a scavenger hunt for him to find his presents. With CLUES and GPS coordinates it took a few hours (plus we worked in our Sunday Family visits).

Dad and Trevin walking around the park looking for the clue they know is around here somewhere. NOT under there! Better hurry it's getting dark...
They found it! Now where is the present. The clue: I start with an E and end with an E, but I usually contain only one letter.
They figured it out (and envelope), and where do you find envelopes... the mailbox! I hope Gage had a fun weekend! LOVE YOU GAGE!


Since the start of October I've been hearing about this event that I would be attending on October 30th, but Gage refused to give me details. He thought he was really funny and just said "It's and underground party." Not only did he not tell me... Everyone in his family knew what it was and they thought it was fun to keep it a secret too. So every time the family was together it was the thing that got mentioned, but everyone was sure to not leak any details. When the 30th came along Gage told me that we needed to drop the kids off at Chan's at 9:00 pm, but still wouldn't tell me where we were going. We got the kids settled at Chan's and loaded into the truck with Darrin and James. Then I finally got to know....


I was excited. I think Gage thought I would back out if I knew what it was, not likely. So we headed off to Ryan's apartment to check out the cars. There were a lot more that I was expecting, I think there were 17.

This is just a handful of them. And after looking at them I told Gage that I was betting on at least one broken bone. He disagreed but said there would be plenty of road rash. There were some interesting cars, but the one we were there to cheer for was CHEETAH LIGHTNING (I think that's what they named it). This is Ryan's car.

Looks like it stands a chance to me, but what do I know. After we were there for a little while it was time for all the drivers to meet to go over the rules. Bubba got right down to business.
THE SPECTATORS Next, we headed off to the race location. AND THE RACE WAS ON! It was way cool. Looking at the cars before I thought the racers would have a hard time turning the corners and that a lot of them would be really rickety. I was wrong. They all came flying around the turns and were super smooth. Ryan and Clint came flying around the first turn in 3rd or 4th place. Probably going about 35 mph. There were a couple of carts that didn't roll very fast and actually had to be pushed down the hill.
There was a couple of carts that feel apart during the push race out of the parking lot. There was another spill right in front of where we stood to watch, but everyone seemed to be getting right back up and continuing on. Maybe I was wrong about the broken bone after all... We didn't run all the way to the bottom of the hill knowing that the carts would all be loaded into the trucks (waiting at the bottom) before we got there. So we started the hike back to Ryan's apartment. On the way we got a phone call from Ryan saying he wasn't going back to his apartment... We thought it was because he knew about the coop that was now parked there... we were wrong and apparently I was right about the broken bone. Ryan was on his way to the ER. Gage got the fun job of calling his Mom, I don't think she was very happy.
Bubba was all checked in by the time we got there. Doesn't he look thrilled to be here. It was pretty obvious that he had messed up his ankle by all the swelling. But we were all pretty surprised when he got back from x-ray to tell us that he had broken it up higher too.
We waited until Miles and Sherry got there, then we headed home. Once we were in the truck Gage said, "As parents can you really be upset about that?" (You have to realize that Bubba broke his Femur just a few months ago). I'll be sure to remind Gage that he said that, if we are in the same situation with Trevin!

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Jenny said...

Its a good thing your a nurse--i would be like, just put some ice on it, lol. and whats the recipe to that pie? THat looks YUMMMMYYYYYY