Sunday, November 1, 2009


WOW I can't believe October is over! We had such a fun filled month that I guess I forgot to make time to blog about it.
At the start of the month Trevin's cousin Chase came to visit. They only get to see each other a few times a year, Kami is such a sport to make the long drive (maybe we'll drive to her next time). Any way in past visits Trevin and Chase got along but this time they were instant buddies! We stopped by Grandma and Papa's on Sunday afternoon to say to Kami and before we knew it Trevin and Chase were in the back yard picking Grandma's "vegebles" and having a blast!

Here they are with their buckets picking Grandma's tomatoes that had frozen. They even found a cucumber and Chase was sure to come show us the "pickle" they found! Once we convinced them they had enough "vegebles" picked they came inside to sort them. They sat for at least 30 minutes transferring everything back and forth from one bowl to the other! Who knew tomatoes could be this fun!This it Cheyenne and Papa playing while the boys were out in the garden. I love this picture!Monday morning the first thing out of Trevin's mouth was "Gandmas...Chase!" I thought it was so cute and it was just fine because we were already planning on going that afternoon. Trevin could hardly wait and was so excited when I told him it was finally time to go see all of his cousins. We ate lunch at Grandma's house and then frosted yummy sugar cookies.

Trevin and Chase decided that there were better things to do than frost cookies and so off they went!They had played with this see-saw on Sunday and they were determined to pull it out from under the deck so they could play with it again! It was so funny to watch, it took a lot of effort on their part, but they sure made a good team.

Next up was a hay ride for the kids, I couldn't wait for this part... Trevin loves Tractors and I quickly learned that so does Chase!

Starting on the left.... Some girl I don't know, then Xander, Chersti and Lexi, Next is Kami and Chase, then Trevin, Me and Cheyenne. Grandma is behind the Camera. The rest of the cousins were home SICK! Bummer... We really missed them.

Trevin and Chase couldn't wait to get on the trailer and were both so excited when the ride started! It was such a nice day for a hayride. When we made it to the pumpkin patch Trevin was so excited about seeing the "punkins". We grew some in our garden this year and he knew exactly what they were. Chersti took some fun pictures. I had a hard time convincing Trevin to sit in the dirt with Cheyenne so I could take a picture. I'd get them posed and then stand up to get a picture and Trevin would have already pushed Chey over (face first into the dirt) so he could stand up. Thanks to Chersti I got this cute one. As you can tell by the look on Trevin's face he isn't doing this by his choice!

There were so many pumpkins to chose from. Trevin walked around from pumpkin to pumpkin until I finally convinced him that one was good enough.

Here he is back on the trailer with his pumpkin!

We got to ride back on the trailer and then carry our pumpkins to the truck. When we got back to our cars the pumpkins looked huge! I couldn't believe how big they were once you had them out of the pumpkin patch!Trevin and Chase were so proud of their pumpkins!

That night Kami and Chase came over to watch a movie for Family Night. Trevin was thrilled that Chase came to his house and was sad when he had to leave. I think that the boys saw each other every day that week and never got tired of having each other around. It has been about 3 weeks since Chase went home and still every time I say we're going to Grandma's Trevin's response is "Go Go Chase!" He always sounds a little disappointed when I tell him Chase is at home. I think Kami helped soften it though... Just this week we got a post card in the mail from Chase. Trevin loved it, he carried it around all day!

Thanks for the fun week Kami ! We can't wait for next time!

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