Friday, November 6, 2009


We grew quite a few pumpkins this year and lucky for us we were able to give most of them to friends and family, so we didn't feel like we needed to carve them all. We did carve the huge pumpkins we got on our hay ride. Trevin thought it was really cool when we cut open the top and pulled it off until I tried to convince him to dig out the insides. He didn't want to use his hands, so we gave him a scrapper and that was okay. We had one short fat pumpkin and one tall skinny pumpkin. It was funny to watch T try to reach the bottom of the tall pumpkin, his arm was just a couple of inches too short!

Cheyenne love pumpkin carving. I accidentally sat he a little to close to the garbage bowl and She thought it was fun to play with the slimy pumpkin insides. I was fine with her playing with it until she tried eating it!Friday we made Halloween treat to take around to family. Cassidy came over to help me out. Trevin did his best to help by eating any scraps he could find. First we have witches that got stuck in cupcakes. These I thought turned out way cute and were pretty easy. Just regular cupcakes with Oreo sticks for legs and starbursts molded for feet. The rest is just sprinkle and some extra frosting for her dress!Next was gummy mummy's I'm not sure how these tasted but they looked cute. Brownies baked in mini cup cake pan. With a little bit of vanilla frosting, m&ms for eyes and bubble tape for the wraps.

We were almost finished making all of these when I got a call from Lindsay. She was totally calm and said "Are you busy? Mom can't get here for a bout 15 minutes and Raigen just broke her arm, think you can come watch the girls?" Me (as I grab my keys and run out the door (leaving my kids home with Cass): "Yeah. How bad is it?" Lindsay: "Well, between her wrist and elbow is a U shape." I love Lindsay. I don't think anything really upsets her. This picture is from a few hours later when Rai Rai got home. Halloween night was so much fun! I was originally supposed to work, but Eva a friend was willing to work it for me, so I had the night off! Thanks EVA. I had worked with Trevin all week trying to get him to say "Trick or Treat" with out any luck, until we went visiting Grandmas with cousin's Trevin saw the older girls do it and saw that they got candy... that was all the motivation he needed, He ran up to Grandma Crabtree and said "tick tor teat" and held out his hand. Here are all the grand kids that went to visit the Grandmas. In the back: Sierra(angle) Savana(devil), Trevin (baseball player). In the front: Cheyenne(giraffe), Alexa (thing 2) and Xander (thing 1). Trevin was a pro at the trick or treating by the time we got to Granny's.

Halloween day we went over to the Grandma and Papa's house, then we came home for some trick or treating in our neighborhood. Trevin loved it! Gage pushed him in the stroller and then when we would get to a house Trevin would jump out and walk to the porch and wait for the door to open, then say "tick tor teat" and hold out his bucket! After an hour or so we decided it was time to go home and pass out candy. We had been home for a bout 5 minutes and the door bell rang... I don't think I have ever seen Trevin move so fast. He ran to the door and tried to open it, Gage came and opened it, while Trevin tried to pick up the candy bowl. I think he liked passing out candy as much as he liked Trick or Treating!

After all of our candy was gone we headed off to Jerry and Debbie's for the traditional Halloween get together. Pizza and a movie and trick or treating with the cousins. Starting on the Left: Trevin, Cheyenne, Kennedi(a good witch), Brinlee (Ariel), Rai Rai (Hannah Montana), and Hallie(the chicken). Trevin was hyped up on candy by this point and was running around there house, chasing the dog and cat. The poor cat, Trevin caught it's tail and started pulling it. All I could think was I hope he crashes hard when the candy wears off!

Here are a few more pictures from our Halloween.
Gage wore a shirt that said coach and he had a whistle. I had a "zoo keeper" shirt.

Cheyenne was so cute in her giraffe costume. It was nice and warm, she just hated having the gloves on.
Trevin loves to play catch, so he didn't mind carrying around a baseball glove and ball all night!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Jenny said...

Oh mY FrEaKiNg CuTe!!!!!

I love it when babies are animals for halloween, I think it should be manditory---if you are a cute baby you MUST be an animal :D

I love your shirts to, very nice :D