Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This year Grandma and Papa invited everyone to come up to Swiss days. They had a condo for the week, so Gage and I decided we would take them up on the offer and get away for the weekend. The kids and I decided to head up Friday morning (Gage had to work all day, then he would join us). To avoid having multiple cars up there, I decided to catch a ride with Lindsay. Her in-laws go up every year and have a big girls weekend. I was a fun ride up, we watched Hannah Montana the movie and ate Goldfish. When we got to Midway I met up with Chersti and Sherry. The first item on the list was Bratwursts for lunch. Papa goes every year and one of his favorite parts is the Bratwursts. I wasn't there to witness it but he was there at 9:30 am, the very first customer, to get his Bratwurst meal. They were pretty good, Trevin wasn't so sure but he had his fill of chips.
Next we attempted to push the stroller through the crowds to look at some of the craft booths. It was impossible! I had never been to Swiss Days and I couldn't believe how many people were there! You could hardly see what the booths were selling, not to mention the lines you had to wait in if you actually wanted to get into the booth. After walking with the strollers down one isle Grandma offered to sit with the kids while Chersti and I shopped. Papa took Trevin to watch the show- yodelers, dancers, etc. I couldn't believe how good Trevin was, he hung out by Papa and never tried to get away. (Maybe we should send Trevin to church with Papa.)
We after a couple hours we decided to stop fighting the crowds and head back to the condo for some swimming. Trevin loved it (especially when I took his out of the floaty and played motor boat with him, not so much when we tried to go under the water), Cheyenne slept through it, and Chersti's twins were a hoot! Xander just lounged in his floaty and Lexi's arms and legs were going a hundred mile per hour trying to splash the water. I only wish I had had my camera! After we got back to the condo and got all the kids in and out of the bath we got to just relax for a while. Here is a picture of Grandma and the girls. I know it isn't the best picture of Cheyenne but I had to post it anyway. Cheyenne is 5 1/2 months old and Lexi is 10 months. When the twins were born we used to joke about how long it would take for my baby to catch to them. ( I was pregnant and Trevin had been a huge baby.) Well now we know the answer! They are the same size!
There is a vendor every year that makes wood tractors, cars, etc. Papa gets a tractor most years and he has the coolest collection. This year he got his tractor and when we got to the Condo he pulled it out to show Trevin... EEK... I was terrified that Trevin was going to break it. He did pretty good, Pap showed him how the bucket lifted and the tracts moved. Then to my relief he put it away. Trevin knew it was in the box and for the next little while he would look around and say "tactor?" The next day Trevin and Xander both got a wooden toy from Papa. Gage finally made it up Friday night, just after 9:00pm. I guess there were a few problems at work, but we were so excited to see him. He took the kids for a while and I got to play five crowns (a card game). It must have been a while since I played... I lost miserably!
Saturday morning we had a plan to go to the booths early, before the crowds, and the rain didn't stop us. It was great! We zipped through the entire thing in about an hour! I think Grandma was surprised to see us back at the condo so early.
Mid morning my little family made a trip to "the crater" which was only 5 minutes from the condo. Trevin enjoyed the little tunnel we walked through, and thought the water was cool too.
It was pretty cool to see, you can get in if you pay-to soak, swim, snorkel, even scuba dive! I guess the water is warmed by hot pots at the bottom- not 100% sure. It was a fun 10 minute trip.PARK CITY- we spent a few hours at the outlet mall, and got all kinds of great deals. I love shopping when you actually felt like you got your money's worth at the end of the day. We even made it back to the condo in time for the boys to watch the football game! What a great weekend. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Trevin and Cheyenne right after they both got up in the morning. Aren't they cute.

We love weekend trips!

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