Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sunday there was a free ticket from the Standard Examiner for the Monday night Raptors game. That decided it... We went to the baseball game for family night! Trevin loves baseball, watching Dad play a couple weeks ago was all he needed to get him on a baseball kick. He has a little glove and loves to take it with him every where, needless to say it definitely came to the game.

He did really good watching the game, until we went and sat by Casie and her family, then he just wanted to play. Casie did a great job keeping him entertained while Gage and I watched the game... it was almost a date!Dino the dinosaur came a round toward the end of the game and Trevin was so excited. Charlee was a good sport and took Trevin to meet him. This picture actually shows a little bit of the game. High five! Dino actually hung out by our seat for a while and Trevin's eyes were glued to him! I thought it was pretty cute. All in all I thought it was a great night. Entertainment for Trevin and the game even kept me entertained. One fight and a great tenth inning that ended with the bases loaded and a quick double play to end the game. Too bad we lost!

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