Monday, September 29, 2008


1. Cement 2. Sprinklers 3. Grass

The yard has been the never ending project at our house...Between helping out in other peoples' yards, work, and church callings it got put on the back burner for a while. Now with only a few weeks left to get grass in... it's priority number one.
So, when planning the back yard we decided that we would pour cement before putting in the grass so we wouldn't have to drive/haul cement across our new lawn. Thanks to many hands and many hours of work step one is complete.

First came the mow strips and cementing under the dreaded air conditioner. I'm sure the boys hated it, but I thought they were very creative Jimmy rigging the air conditioner with the tractor. And I appreciated getting to keep the house cool.
Trevin loved every minute of it.. he loves watching the boys work (especially with the tractors).
He would sit and watch them for hours... and he did.
Next was leveling dirt and forming the shed pad and patio... another couple nights of working into the dark.

Then the day of the big pour finally arrived, FRIDAY! I had the night off from work so I was able to do my part by providing drinks and watching Trevin...who of course was watching the boys!

He would sit by the back door for hours and not move. I'm sure he was afraid he was gunna miss something if he looked away for a second.

The cement truck driver was great, he drove right into the back yard, making the pour a lot easier (no hauling it in with the bob cat, Whoohoo). But don't worry the boys didn't get off easy... they still had plenty of hard work to do.

Cement is a lot of work and I want to say thanks to those of you that sweat and toiled in my back yard! All the hard work paid off. I love walking out onto cement instead of dirt. Trevin loves that he finally gets to crawl around outside. and I'm sure Gage is just glad to have step number 1 complete!

Now on to step number 2! :)

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