Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The evolution of people...

I love to see pictures drawn by little kids! I think it is so cute to see their interpretation of the world especially when their pictures involve people!

Cheyenne loves to draw. This is what her people typically look like. A head....with arms and legs coming out  of it. She is very particular about the way she draws eyes too, much more detailed than Trevin ever was at her age. 

In addition to her attention to detail you always know she is drawing because she always tells the story of what she is drawing at the same time... Here is one example.

It kinda makes me sad that Cheyenne just transitioned to this stage.  Arms in the right place. She was pretty excited when she showed me! At the same time I have to smile because it looks like Dad is wearing a dress. Cheyenne says "No, its not a dress! He is just SLIDEY." 

Trevin has always been more interested in drawing shapes than people. So he would always just draw a circle and tell you who it was supposed to be. He eventually added the stick figure arms and legs and body (notice the arms come directly out of the head!)

 It didn't take him long to add in more detail.  According to Trevin this one is of mom and dad dancing. See dad is wearing a tie and mom is in a skirt. 

 Now Trevin is very detailed in what he draws. Every one has arms and even fingers. Shoes and appropriate clothing too. He even gave me an explanation with this one.

I can't wait to see what comes next. Who knows maybe one day we'll all grow HAIR!

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