Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A hair cut.

Levi's hair has been driving me nuts for a while now so Friday I finally decided to cut it. I pulled out the clippers and enlisted Trevin to hold Levi still. Levi seemed ok at first and then the tears started. It ended up being torture, Trevin was a sport and just kept holding on. 
 Levi calmed down pretty quickly after it was over.  Look at those little hair chunks. No more wings on the sides of his head. 
 I forgot to put a way the clipper box, in my haste to soothe Levi. When Gage got home he asked Cheyenne who had gotten a hair cut. She didn't answer. So I answered for her, she perked right up and said "Ya, mom cut Levi's hair." Well life went on, we played games a s a family and let the kids fall asleep watching a movie. at around 1 am we carried teh kids up to bed, but made stops at the bathroom first. I took Trevin to my bathroom and while aiming him in the right direction I saw this in the garbage.

The first thing out of my mouth was  "Who's hair is that!" Dumb question since it obviously wasn't mine. I ran into the other bathroom where Gage was washing Chey's hands and I assessed the damage... She cut off her ponytail!! I still am not sure how I didn't notice all night. (We figured she had done it right before Gage got home, he found her in the bathroom playing with my makeup.)  I wanted to wake her up right then and talked to her, more like yell at her! Gage was a very wise man and made me wait until morning. 
Morning came and I was much calmer. I walked Cheyenne into the bathroom and asked her about the hair. She cried. We talked about who gets to cut hair and why little girls shouldn't cut their own hair, etc... Next it was into the bath to really see how bad it was. Once it was dry this is what we had. 
Ugh. Way above her shoulders. I tried pulling it up in a ponytail, it looked silly. I tried braiding it, it looked silly (there is a chunk above her right ear that is only about 1 or 2 inches long). My next and only option... CALL ALEX! and make Cheyenne pose for one more picture! 
 We decided to go to Alex's house so she could see it in person. When we got there I had came to grips that it would have to be cut. Chey's cried on Alex's shoulder on the way out to the deck to get her hair cut, because she didn't want short hair. Hopefully this taught her a lesson.
 Look at that pouty face. 
 We didn't cut it a short as Chey had. Just short enough that with the layers Alex gave her it all kind of blends. Alex did a fantastic job! Life is good and Cheyenne is finally ok with having "Medium" hair. 
What a cutie pie! I love her no matter what. 
We actually blow dried it with a round brush and it looks adorable.  (I'll have to add some pics of that). Cheyenne couldn't stop looking at her hair in the mirror saying "It's beautiful and fluffy!"

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Alex said...

I love it! haha. you totally jinxed yourself. her new haircut makes her seem so grown up. shes a doll. :) glad you called me.