Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life is not good... IT'S GREAT!

The past week I have been busy with projects. Not all were necessary, like the 2000 piece puzzle that I completed, but once it was started. I had to get it done. 
 Others were, like washing bed sheets after Levi soaked through his diaper while laying on my bed.  Here is a quick list... made the Canova family June birthday cake (Tay Tay and Cass). 
Laundry (this is the never ending project at everyone's house) but after ending up washing my sheets unexpectedly I decided that I might as well do Trevin's and Levi's too. Add in a couple of accidents from Chey, one from Trevin and multiple from Levi... lots of laundry. We had a pool party on Monday at Grandma Goo's... we walked there and back. I also learned how to do vinyl heat transfers! (Thanks to a great friend.) I helped Cassidy make two hoodies for girls camp. We also made a "bride" and "groom" apron for Janae and James wedding luncheon. 
Next up cookies with avocado instead of butter. (Which tasted great... looked a little green.) Administering allergy shots to my uncle. Next, I sewed an apron for Janae's Bridal Shower that was held this weekend. I cut out all of the squares for the quilt that I committed to make (just to myself). Cleaned carpets, (moving all the furniture type of cleaning). 
(Gage love's this couch and yes he slept there all night.)
Two bridal showers on Saturday. Addressed and mailed all Janae's shower invites. (I forgot to add invites into a few of those envelopes, but don't worry I realized the next day & mailed new ones.)   And last but not least I finally found a piano on KSL! That was close by, in good condition, and in our price range. We got it all moved in and love it.
 Throughout this crazy week I just couldn't help but think about how great life is and how blessed I am! My mom was awesome and let Trevin and Chey come play at her house while I was sewing. What a blessing, it would have been a very long day without her. I made it to the end of Janae's apron with about 10 extra inches of black thread. YAY for little miracles. I have an amazing husband that is such a great dad. I love my 3 kids that suprise ma and entertain me everyday! I don't know how life could get any better. 

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