Sunday, June 24, 2012

another month

 Levi is 5 months old. This month he learned to ...
-Spit. He loves it!
-Roll from back to belly. He is so good that it is getting hard to change his diaper, if he's feeling active.
-"Eat real food!" (Trevin was the first to feed him.) Rice cereal he didn't really like... but he loves the oatmeal one.
Levi loves to...
-Have his feet in the grass. If you lay him on a blanket he will kick his legs and wiggle til his feet are in the grass.
-Pull Cheyenne's hair. He is getting so good with holding things in his hands. He grabs at everything.
-Laugh at Trevin and Cheyenne (especially in the car). They can get him giggling really hard. 

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